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Colour Vibration: Translucent - Just Clear


Creates an abundance of Light and holds Light wherever it goes. It addresses equality and any behavioural dysfunction; it opens you to be more placid and helps those who may have confrontational issues. It works on the whole system and alleviates any pain in the mind about where you are going. It gently helps you to accept that you have a purpose to fulfil, and helps you get to know yourself better. If it is low self-value that you have, it sensitises the freedom of the mind to be kind to yourself and focus on what you need to do to improve. The Weeping Silver Birch will give you the information that you need to look inside. It gives the confidence to change anything you want, helping concentrate your thoughts on abundance and a future of enjoyment. It reveals to you what needs to be discarded, creating a balanced mind, co-creating and working towards your goals. Everything you have and need is inside you - develop it, nurture it and you will grow.

The Weeping Silver Birch 'Divine Soul'

SKU: 016
  • With ease and grace I move freely through my Life and clear my sight. I am abundantly happy with who I am and confidently raise my vibration to be compatible with the choices I make.

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