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The importance of colour is paramount within our lives as we now step up at this present time and embrace the Higher levels of our being.

Colour surrounds us; it feeds and nourishes us on every level.

Everywhere we go - our work our homes and gardens – we are relating to colour.
It can either lift our mood or leave us feeling low; it has an immediate impact on our
whole system. There are common wordings, like, 'I'm feeling blue’, ‘red with rage’,
‘green with envy’, and ‘in the pink'; all these phrases are significant and reflect what
is happening in our energy fields.


Affecting our moods and well-being, colour makes us feel happy, uplifted and relaxed and in nature the Colours are awe-inspiring. In a very direct way it gives balance to the human form, as all our energy points and centres vibrate to colour. Each energy centre has its own colour frequency and tone. As we grow and develop, tired energy is discarded from our energetic fields, and new colours form and wait to be embraced and integrated. As we move forward at this pivotal time upon Earth, new energies and frequencies are being introduced and our bodies and well-being require refining to accommodate the new energies that are available.


This is a very simple and valuable overview of the World of Colour. Wings of Gold Essences all hold colour frequency that integrates and refines our energy fields, enabling you to enjoy and embrace life's experiences.


Enjoy the Colours....


Deep Red, Aubergine and Burgundy - all bring zest for life, grounding and energising. They root you deeply into the Earth's centre and enable you to choose your path wisely, with gratitude. Deep heat comes from these energies, lifting you into the desired position. They have great powers of transition, progression and acceleration. The boldness of these colours is needed when we get close to our goals. 


Orange, Yellow and Golds - are warm colours; they give a calm energy with gratitude and centring. They form Light within the body that is openly grateful and friendly. They help you relate to yourself and others in a better way. These colours energise group work and other forums of healing that require these colours. They balance the Heart stream to be more open to friendships. Yellow also proves to us that our self-worth issues are over.


Magenta, White, Pink and Red - all lift the spirits. These colours are for warmth. The Red Ray releases coldness in the personality, it cleanses the system and produces great warmth, with some Red in the personality we can be vibrant, loving and warm-hearted. The Pink Ray is held dear - it is the only one with the vibration of Rose in it, while White lifts and enhances purity. The Master Essence Truth, Love and Happiness has the Red vibration.


Rose - is for compassion, humanitarian and personal Love. It raises the vibration so we can let go of all things that cause distrust. It has a coping mechanism to move things out of your system and delete any confidence issues. Rose Pink is a beautifully elevating colour.


The Greens - Olive, Sage, Turquoise, Green, and Deep Green - all have increasing vibrations of devotion. With Green we develop our personality it counterbalances conflict and gives us protection when needed. It balances our hormones and makes life much smoother and easier. All Greens, whatever shade, are for harmony and for stabilising what is priceless in your life.


The Blues - Deep Blue Light Blue, Indigo - keep life simple; the colour blue is quietening and tames the vibration.  All Blues are for understanding, dismissing and calming. Indigo Blue is for silencing the mind and Aqua brings great clarity of mind.


Purples and Hues of Lavender – protect you by raising your vibration, creating the time and space for you to step back and think clearly. They clear the windows of the Soul to see and think wisely and then take appropriate action. They mentor each other, working with different frequencies to clear out all the weeds. Charity workers have this colour, as do doctors and some teachers.


Light Gold, Yellow and Transparency make Gold - Gold is for development for the Soul's need for enlightenment. It dismembers old patterning quickly to form new growth. As a powerful energiser it widens the horizons to listen to your inner wisdom, it holds the key to enlightenment. Gold is resonant with our new energies, it is a Wisdom Keeper, a bold masculine energy that is powerful and wise. Gold teaches us to let go and find balance within ourselves; it is a great teacher of worth.


Silver - like Gold it is in harmony with the new energies. It quietens the Soul and refuels the body in such a way that it reduces cholesterol. It is an immune stimulant, antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial. It releases toxicity from the blood stream and dissolves third eye blockages. Silver is extremely helpful to us and works in harmony with all the other tones of colour. This feminine energy is beautifully compatible with our Soul.


Transparency, Clear White, Pearlescence and Opalescence - these colours all work with our overview, our higher qualities. They drive us forward with independent mind and independent thinking. They confront, transform, and change behaviour and patterns of thinking. They change our outlook by purging the system with qualities of Light that work with our overall health and well-being, encapsulating true harmony within the Soul.

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