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master tree essences

The Tree Essences are a new Essence Range that embody all the energy needed at this time and stabilize the energy of empowerment and ancient knowledge. They amend personality traits and clear old programming with quiet confidence. This special group have come together to share their Wisdom, and the Wisdom of Trees never expires. Serving as more than the lungs of our Earth, they are healers of the World and great knowledge-bringers, distinctly making their mark on humanity. The ground beneath the root system supplies the Earth with a higher quality of vibration that saturates into the deeper layers joining as one. This energy holds the Earth vibrationally in the higher octaves.

Let doubt go and create what you want with your mind and  intention. Change your ways with ease and Life changes with you. Honour the changes that you make and every day be grateful, as you are the Master in your Life.

The Giant Sequoia 'Wisdom'

This noble Tree brings a balanced state harmonising confidence to make decisions from our Hearts.  It breaks the mould and widens our horizons to go deeper within.  When we connect with our Inner Wisdom we provide time for reflection for all that needs to be dropped, pushed away or addressed.  With quiet contemplation this Essence gives us the strength to go within and empower ourselves to find our own way to solutions with confidence and Wisdom, allowing us to live our lives wisely.  It gives great clarity, emotional stability and regulates the exchange of energy between people, so everyone can have their fair say. 

The Silver Birch 'Divine Love'

With white bark and silvery leaves, it gives a breath of fresh air to any situation; it sits in harmony with the balance of Nature.  Vibrationally it creates a great change in personality; it distinctly greets you with great warmth and is welcoming and open. This Essence provides happy thoughts and crushes sadness, it has a fluid energy that approaches Life with 'Light-heartedness'.  Known as 'The Lady of the Forest', the Silver Birch creates a bridge if energy to lift and release enabling us to plant new seeds for the future. It meets the needs of many people; it softens the outlook to be more positive clearing the mind to work simply and efficiently. It brings an effervescent energy with calm grace so you can move things along quickly and multi-task. Its fluid energy excites a passion for drawing and anything artistic, it removes any stifled information leaving you feeling refreshed and humbled.

The Yew 'Stillness'

Quietness, balancing and stillness are required for the art of meditation.  Yew polishes our outlook to enjoy the quietness of Life, stilling the mind for reflection. It produces great warmth in the Soul to enjoy pure moments of bliss in silence.  It protects and heals both inner and outer wisdom.  It further advances a serene outlook on Life to appreciate quietness and silent moments, as it is in these moments that growth is produced.  Inner beauty is key to development. This Essence works with personal development and any mental states of stress.

The Willow 'Unfoldment'

Willow opens the mind and Heart to be more sensitive, willing and flexible.  It breaks away from rigid thought patterning, releasing whatever it is that is holding us back so we can gently open our minds to move forward with dignity.  Willow helps with co-ordination skills and opens the Heart to be gentler when receiving information that needs to be processed delicately.  It helps us speak our Truth with sensitivity and allow others to do the same, it helps us to help ourselves and help one another, by treating everyone as equal. The message here is to be friendly and without prejudice.  It serves people of all ages by opening the Heart to be more practical and grateful for everything and opens the mind to be more relaxed, forgiving and loving.

The Oak 'Support & Harmony'

Strong and open, the Oak gives strength and support in any situation. It is a great friend when we over-exert ourselves, when we feel tired or when we simply don't know when to say no!  With the gentle powerful strength of Oak we can put anything right. It drives out the foolishness of wanting to do everything for everyone, so we can have some time and space for the things we want to pursue. Strength comes when we are rested and we can then work productively.  Oak streams energy in a directive way so we can have the strength to follow things through, it also dissolves any self-sabotage issues we might have, enabling us to stand up for ourselves and enjoy Life with prosperity.

The Aspen 'Faith'

Aspen produces the right amount of energy to enjoy our own adventures, putting Faith in ourselves and Trust our own way. It dispels fear of the unknown. Vibrationally it creates a flow of Light where lack has been internalised and needs not met. Aspen frees up the mind and drives away fear, creating a path designed to enhance our birth-right of being who we are and being true to ourselves.  It conditions the mind in a way to be more elastic and open up to new ideas, it brings Faith in the Heart to trust our own abilities and open up to new horizons. Faith brings enjoyment in our own being.

The Copper Beech 'Service'

This is a magical Tree, and helps people look at what they are doing with their lives, bringing more awareness to those around them. Helpful in being mindful in Service work, it balances the mind to be more appropriately informed about the needs of others, allowing discernment for the right course of action. Copper Beech is also good when we are mentally tired, supporting parenting skills, calming temperaments and any quarrelsome behaviour.  It helps with every aspect of humanitarian work and adjusts our personalities with a coping mechanism that balances us to work towards higher goals and ideals.

The Weeping Silver Birch 'Divine Soul'

Creates an abundance of Light and holds Light wherever it goes and addresses equality and any behavioural dysfunction. It opens us to be more placid and helps those who may have confrontational issues.  Divine Soul works on the whole system to alleviate any pain and disillusion about where we are going and gently helps us to accept that we all have a purpose to fulfil.  It helps us get to know ourselves better.  If it is low self-value that we may be suffering from, it sensitises the freedom of the mind to be kind to ourselves and focus on what we need to do to improve this situation.  The Weeping Silver Birch will gives us the information that we need to look inside.  It gives the confidence to change anything we want to by concentrating our thoughts on abundance and a future of enjoyment.  Everything we have and need is inside of us - when we develop it and nurture it, we can watch it grow.

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