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"I have been through the biggest self transformation of my life. Anyone who has been through that will know what a big ordeal and challenge that is. I have never felt emotional pain like it. I could not have got through it without the help of Trudi, her guides and her wonderful essences. She held my had all the way through it, and she was always on the other end of the phone for Support any day of the week. I would thoroughly recommend Trudi and her amazing work to anyone who is going through a difficult time. The freedom I now feel is tremendous. Thank you so much Trudi."

Sue Atyeo

March 2021

"I have a son, Gates who is on the autistic spectrum. He's 12 and officially diagnosed last summer as high-functioning autistic with ADHD, auditory processing delay and depression. It was very rough for him before we understood what he was dealing with. He was tested previously, but not for autism and ultimately we were not supporting him in the way that he needed. During a rough time a friend directed me to Trudi and her Essences and she has been helpful in supporting Gates suggesting what he needs.  Before we received this diagnosis he was completely shutting down, Trudi was able to see this and suggested Essences to help bring him back and engage in life again'. We immediately saw a difference in his energy, his outlook and the light within his eyes.  We also now have specific autistic information supporting him in the best way that helps him shift. Trudi still supports Gates and continues to support us all as a family - our changes impact one another, we are all in life together."

Ellen Watkins

September 2020

"I can't tell you the difference I've noticed in myself as have others!  Trudi has helped me so much and I'm so much happier, the Essence seems to keep me calm."

Jodie Hutchinson

July 2020

"Trudi suggested some essences and a symbol to help with my arthritic knee which I had suffered from for a while but had suddenly flared up and become very painful and hard to move with. What she gave me worked so well and pretty immediately and my dog and I can enjoy our walks again! She is kind, empathetic and very skilled at what she does and, even if you don't really understand the way she works it won't really matter because it will work. Much recommended."

Peter Robertson

March 2020


"After weeks of feeling despondent, Trudi's combination essence of Fire & Boab and the William Shakespeare Harmony Restored Essence has dramatically changed my mood. I have been taking the essences twice a day for the last 8 days and I already feel a major boost and zest feeling."

Monique Cerclay

March 2020

"I used Trudi's facial oil which was tailor made for me and a scar under my nose, which had been there for some time has now gone. My skin is a lot smoother and almost completely healed, the oil has given a much better overall appearance to my skin. I thoroughly recommend it. Thank you."

Brenda Orme

February 2020

"Trudi was brilliant and helping me cure my Bells Palsy, she made me feel very relaxed and at ease. She used various techniques which included Essences, Crystals and Essential oils and I couldn't recommend her more - she sped up my recovery dramatically."

Rebecca Walby

December 2019

"Trudi... I have been taking the Essences as you instructed and never missed a day. I must say after being unwell for so long, I am finally back to my old self, feeling calm and full of life. A big thank you, to you for caring."

Marie Dunster

November 2019

"Two of my children take the Essences. My eldest is in the Autistic Spectrum and since taking them has increased his concentration and was able to achieve passes in his G.C.S.E.'s, having previously not been graded in any subject. My second child has become less emotional and more calm following taking his drops, resulting in a calmer household. I myself take the Essences and meditate and feel more able to deal with my daily life which is very stressful and demanding."

Sarah Nish

September 2019


"Trudi. I take the Essences as you instruct and am faithful in taking them. I find for me to take and believe in my treatment and Essences has given me a spring in my step, so thank you. My Fibromyalgia has vanished and long may it stay away."

Alice Markey

September 2019


"I visited Trudi about a year ago because I suffered with Chrons Disease. It is now under control with the healing and Essences that I have taken, I could not believe the difference. I visited my bowel Consultant and tests were carried out, my Consultant and I were amazed to find that the inflammation had completely disappeared. Long may it continue, I wish I had found Trudi sooner and thank you from the bottom of my Heart, it was the best thing I ever did."

Brenda Orme

September 2019


"Trudi has made me find inner calm and understanding of who I am and what I can be. She has helped me come to terms with the break down of my relationship with my husband and taught me how to love myself again and shown me how strong I am. 

I am over forty years of age and my monthly cycle had become irregular. I had seen my Doctor and was sent for test, but nothing was diagnosed. Trudi gave me Woman Essence and my menstrual cycle and mood swings have completely settled. Trudi is truly amazing, give it a go and it will change your World."

Always Grateful Sinead

September 2019


"Great treatments for inner calm and peace. A resetting of energies to make the most of individual potential in the ever changing modern World."

Helen Beard

September 2019


"I am truly grateful for the healing and peace of mind I have received through Trudi. For my family it has been life changing."

Kimberly Orme

September 2019


"I have been seeing Trudi for many years for healing and have recently used her Essences for fertility treatment. She gave me the Everyday Life Woman Essence in the weeks/months before I fell pregnant.  I had previously been unsuccessful in conceiving, but with Trudi's help I believe that whatever was holding my body back was unblocked, released and gave more life to the areas of my system that needed it.  I would thoroughly recommend Trudi, her work and her Essences.  An amazing lady."

Louise Frost

September 2019


"I have been visiting Trudi now for two years. The Essences which she downloads from a source of energies are fantastic. There is one for every condition which you can use in a variety of ways, orally, topically, in your bathwater, keep by your bed and even place them in a burner to create a loving, calm and peaceful atmosphere around the home or work space. I cannot explain the deep monumental change, not only in my life but in all my family's lives too. Every day now is a happy and joyful experience, with a little positive attitude and the help and direction of the Essences and Symbols its a win-win."

Martin Orme

September 2019

​"I was gifted the Understanding Essence at Sandra Walter's event in Sedona and have used it myself and implemented in some patients at my clinic prior to their biofeedback/neurofeedback sessions. I am completely blown away at its effectiveness and the impact it has in both ascension/energy in tune individuals and the lay person. I truly feel like you have unlocked the next level of flower essences - thank you, thank you, thank you." 

Dr. Anna Marie Blessing, Arizona,

May 2019

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