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DURATION: 2 days


DATES: To be confirmed

TIMINGS: 10am - 4pm (Welcome to stay until 5pm for discussions)

PRICE: £180 incl. lunch and unlimited tea/coffee/water

Live life as you want to and keep it simple

About the Course....

This course is for an upgrade and attunement to the higher energies and to learn how our bodies and systems are evolving. It will provide you with the tools and a course of action for self awareness as we transition in this time of change. It will teach you how to accommodate these new frequencies into your system. The journey here is to give you the tools and the insight for 'Quality of Life'. We share with you this information wisely, for a simpler and easier way of living and being.


We will teach you about the tools of meditation safely and how important it is to value your Heart energy, as Truth in the Heart is your true compass. This will bring an easier passage as you traverse through the new energies now entering the Earth's system, this will empower you to Trust in your own decisions, worth and power.

We can enjoy all things in life - Prosperity being the most important. This course enables you to focus on the important things individually and collectively, creating balance, calmness and with clarity and mobility of the mind.

The course will consist of two programmes:

Day 1: Programme One - The Human Body 

  • Learn how the human body works and feels (the emotional body).

  • Diet and how to care for the body and how mind and body connect together.

  • Discovery of the Self and letting go of lower body programming and activation on how the mind works in correcting the system.

  • How the chakras are evolving with the new system, how the Heart works with the chakra system and the resonance of Heart centring.

Day 2: Programme Two - Light Soul Development

  • Encourage trust in your own power and how to discern what is right or wrong.

  • The power of good and intention and how the body transfers into the lighter states with clarity of mind.

  • Attunement to the inner voice and the knowledge within.

  • New information on the ancient symbol the Ankh, what its meaning is and its purpose.


This course will also provide information on how the Essences, Symbols, frequency of Colour and Light all work with the system to support all life's experiences.

We welcome you to open up to the new energy levels that are now available to all.

Hosted by Trudi Nichols

Trudi Nichols has been a Practitioner of Holistic Medicine for over 20 years. She is a Spiritual Teacher, Flower Essence Practitioner and Producer, Energy Healer, Artist and pure conduit. The invaluable information brought forward to share with all, is to empower and inspire us for the new energies now available.

Trudi Nichols MAR SAC

Spiritual Teacher & Founder of Wings of Gold

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