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higher path to prosperity essences

We are offering this range to you at this time for all those who know or feel they should or would like to be doing something else and has been given for those who find themselves in a dilemma over what they are doing with their lives.  They re-organise you to find perfect balance in your work life and to trust your own ideas and knowing.  They are designed to uplift and balance and encourage a good work ethic, helping you to create a wonderful future and put passion into what you are doing. Building a business for yourself is like an adventure, and should be treated as such.
The Higher Path to Prosperity Essences will enhance and protect all you need to be successful.  They each have their own individual vibration and support each other, to help you to create an abundant and prosperous Life.
The Essence stages are designed like stepping stones to support you, so as you finish the first you then go on to the second and so on.  Be sure to keep a diary and write down your progress and see the different and more positive way that you handle your life and your outcome.

Building a business or creating something new is to be enjoyed and The Higher Path to Prosperity Essences give you the stepping stones for this structure and adventure.

Trust In Your Heart

This Essence enables you to forgive and forget any past mistakes you may have made and allows this energy to pass quickly. Trust in Your Heart alters your mind to think from your Heart and go within. It enables you to trust that your Heart knows best and that you need to believe in yourself, opening your eyes to source the real you. It brings faith in your own ideas, talents and skills, enabling you to look further into what you want to create for yourself, your World and the World you live in.

Building Solid Foundations

This Essence brings you down to Earth and keeps you on a straight road and helps you to grow from within. Building Solid Foundations is the key to any successful business. This Essence balances and supports the grounding work you need to do to start things off and keeps things flowing for abundant beginnings, stabilising fruition for the future.

Your Higher Career Path

This Essence opens you to Career Prospects. From Abundance comes a healthy income and Prosperity in the right direction.  It attracts and harmonises all that you need and what you need to do, deepening the understanding for what appropriate action is to be taken.

Protection On Your Journey

This Essence allows you to realise your potential on your chosen path with a good work ethic. The protective force field allows you to be discreet when you need to be and to open to the insight of what needs to be done. It brings an awareness that you can do anything if you try. It gives the energy of building the bridges of what you need to do to set down solid foundations.

Abundance of Light

When you get your feet back on the ground, Abundance of Light makes the move forward easier. It helps you see the World as your oyster and enables you to draw to you what you need with a fair mind and Trust in your Heart.

Creative Flow

A gentle insight of what is needed flows with this energy. It is a key player in the whole process of watching fruition develop, we secure our Heart-centre fully in something when it grows.  We tune into the Higher energies with this Essence and engage in the creative flow of success. Once the flow is created, it carries you to envisioning success. Creative Flow is all about timing and getting the help when you need it.

Envisioning Success

This Essence helps you consciously align with Prosperity, and gives you a mindset that you are successful in every endeavour of your Business. It helps you to see yourself as a successful Business Man or Woman enjoying the fruit of your success. Envisioning Success helps ensure the right attitude, bringing enjoyment and co-creating a Path that is admired, bringing respect for yourself and from others.

Time To Enjoy

Laying foundations is important in any business. We give ourselves to our work, so it is important that we make it happen quickly and with foresight of what will happen when we make a success of it. Enjoying success is important too, it makes all the difference to the Journey and how you get there. Time to Enjoy - relax and enjoy the fruits of your success!

True Light comes from the Heart, Poise and Gentleness come from the Soul, Creative Energy comes from within, inside us, for what we want to create for ourselves and the World we live in. We communicate with our Soul Purpose to create the mindset of what we want to contribute to ourselves and others and our growth and development are important as well.

Building a business or creating something new is to be enjoyed, and The Higher Path to Prosperity Essences give you the stepping stones for this structure and adventure.

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