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All treatments are handled personally by Trudi Nichols MAR SAC from her base in Upminster, Essex UK. Trudi has been a Practitioner of Holistic Medicine for over 25 years, 

"I have always held a pure and deeply held respect for nature and all that she serves - it is from here, the Wings of Gold Essences were birthed.  All Wings of Gold Essences are an alchemy of various energy signatures where no plant, tree, animal, crystal or environment has been harmed.  They have been received in a way where synchronicity to their layers is key and I have a great appreciation for all I have learned and continue to do so. I have always believed people, like nature, are all unique scripts of music; each having their own notes and tone and when our notes become too sharp or flat, essences and nature help restore the correct balance, tuning and supporting us to get the best out of our lives and in the right direction. 


Trudi Nichols MAR SAC

Spiritual Teacher & Founder of Wings of Gold

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