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fields of light master rose essences

These have the title of Fields of Light Master Rose Essences because they have a higher grade of Light. They resonate at a higher frequency than the normal Rose Essences and their energy travels through the system at Light speed. Their spiral energetic patterning works from the inside out, changing the field of others as your vibrations are raised. They are compatible with everyone and work with the energy of Forgiveness and how to word yourself tuning into the correct moment of Forgiveness and Acceptance. Roses are Heart energy - they open and bloom like the Heart's development through Life and each individual petal contains so much Light, that they infuse, ignite and refresh where wounds need to be forgiven, soreness relieved and anger dispelled. They are a melody of celestial tones and their overtones of Pureness have a format that is gentle and freeing. They release each party from the emotions that were previously locked tight. It is through Forgiveness that we allow release to happen, so our lives can be rebuilt with Love and Friendship. The Fields of Light Master Rose Essences are perfect for the Heart, their softness and subtlety sing with the Heart's energy. Development and sunshine in our Hearts are important on every level and a 'Change of Heart' is so important for everyone. Forgiveness in the right order is one of the best traits you can have and Forgiveness, is the answer to all problems. We are at one with the Rose.

Sunshine in the Heart is so important and 'A Change of Heart is important for Everyone'. We are at One with the Rose.

Hyde Hall ' Trust'

This Essence brings Trust in the Heart, to trust others as well as ourselves. It brings a softness of composure that opens the Heart to be humble in relationships. It brings friendship and calm atmospheres with family and friends. It breathes self-conduct and self-assurance bringing understanding, building confidence and equality, helping us widen our the horizons of thinking. Trust enhances trustworthiness in every situation. When Trust is present so is Love and from Love, all amends itself. It brings great compassion and recognition for the Truth to be tolerant with each other and open to the 'New' in relationships. When there is Trust and Truth in friendship, it opens to the higher ways of joy, building bridges and the faith to trust.

Cottage Rose 'Perfection'

This exquisite pale pink Rose brings a gentle energy that makes people feel comfortable. It quietens the field to uplift, uphold and engage in friendship in a way that is equal to all parties with modesty and gratefulness. It diffuses any futile behaviour and creates a wave of energy that softly erases any past, present and future emotions that may hinder a relationship. Perfection addresses all areas, and brings betterment of the Soul to excel in all matters, keeping things light and airy.  It teaches us to honour companionship and each other's opinions, to be grateful and connect with each other and to embrace each moment spent together.

William Shakespeare 'Harmony Restored'

This Essence caresses our Heart centre when there has been loss of a bereavement of some kind. It aids compassion in others and enables us to have our space quickly and quietly. Harmony Restored enables us to go deeper within, adjusting and settling us in an orderly way that is forgiving and harmonious in all directions. It brings a melody of energy that is fast-acting in a respectful manner, also restoring Harmony and Balance to other areas of our lives.

Danse de Feu 'Dance with Life'

This Essence relaxes us and brings great warmth to our Soul, igniting the passion within and energising us to 'Dance with Life'. It helps us look inside and dissolve anything that we need to discard that is holding us back. This Essence deeply grounds courage into our being, to trust and act wisely with our abilities, helping us to reconnect with our skills and make the best of our talents.

Glamis Castle 'Innocence'

This Essence brings a creative flow of energy to see the Truth in everyone and increases worthiness and acceptance of the Self.  Innocence helps us to step away from the old and try things new, to trust in each moment and to move to greener pastures. It releases and settles us to be more practical and forms a bridge for growth and development. It helps us refresh our outlook and step Peacefully into new ways and New Beginnings with lightness, upliftment and youthful Innocence.

Wedding Day 'Partnership'

This Essence is the Rescue Remedy for marriages and relationships, giving a fair view of what needs attention. It gives us time to talk things through with our partners, take stock and amend.  It has a versatility that seals the gaps of communication to be fluid and open with each other, airing what needs to be aired in a well-mannered way.  Partnership helps to close old doors and start afresh; equally, if a partnership is no longer working it allows us to part company with good will, gratitude and confidence that we have made the right decision.

Boule de Neige 'Tranquillity'

This Essence moves us into a tranquil space and energises the Heart in a gentle way making space for a quiet and serene state. It grounds the Soul to be forgiving, by opening the Heart to respond with kindness and forgiveness, when delicate situations arise.  It grounds the Soul to take stock and let go of all that needs to be changed or altered in some way to make our lives more compatible with our own needs.  Tranquillity enables us to feel valued and appreciated in relationships and to speak as we find, it opens us to consider the welfare and feelings of others.  It brings respite to pursue our pastimes and pleasures bringing security, poise and appreciation of our space and choices.

The Pilgrim 'Perfect Companion'

This Essence energises our Heart Centre to HAPPY thoughts. It opens the Heart to be spontaneous and to enjoy Life and to see perfection in everything.  It disperses areas of stress and any tired ways, addressing awkward silences with warmth and Joy.  It stabilises and creates energy for our relationship with ourselves and enables us to feel confident and protected in our own space and solitary pursuits. Perfect Companion brings the sunshine back into our lives, Joy and Laughter into our Hearts and the expectation of Pureness of Heart in all situations.

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