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Colour Vibration: Magenta


This Essence moves you into a tranquil space and energises the Heart in a gentle way, making space for a quiet and serene state. It grounds the Soul to be forgiving, and opens the Heart to respond with kindness and forgiveness when delicate situations arise. It grounds the Soul to take stock and let go of all that needs to be changed or altered in some way to make your life more compatible with your needs. It opens the Heart to respond with kindness and forgiveness with yourself and others and letting go of anything that no longer serves. When delicate situations arrive Tranquillity enables you to feel valued and appreciated in relationships and to speak as you find, considering the welfare and feelings of others. It brings respite to pursue your pastimes and pleasures, bringing security, poise and appreciation of your space and choices.

Boule de Neige 'Tranquillity

SKU: 022
  • The state of Tranquillity resides in my Heart and I effortlessly engage with the joy of Life. I have a calm and tranquil influence on those around me with effortless composure.

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