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pastel essences

Pastel Energies are the colours of Wisdom. Each one is truly integrated with particles of Light that shine from within. They wash away all the lower dimensional transitioning and their colours reflect in pastel shades the colour of the Rainbow. They stabilise potency and formula that integrates the personality to be more forgiving, loving and quiet. They formulate quietness by guiding the Soul with flexibility and kindness. Any weak spots we may have are removed with these energies that hold people back from a higher level of development within their lives. The quietness of these Essences bring about the change to be more compatible with those around, showing how to live by example. They are the new future and have been given to us in High Esteem. They are able to break through the seals of our being bringing Joy, Companionship and Service, allowing us to grow and reform.
Pastel Blue 'Understanding'

Pastel Blue energy is a delight to work with; it gives us the understandings we never had. The flow of Light with this Essence brings positive conclusions to everything, as misguided information disrupts the flow of energy. This Pastel Essence brings greater communication with others improving conversation with positivity and calmness. It clears the air of heated situations and mellows and softens our outlook. It deepens our awareness to step back, pause and think quietly, bringing resolution and respect with understanding on all levels. With quiet contemplation it develops our passion for doing things in the right way.

Magenta & Silver 'Prosperity'

Walk on the brighter side of Life with Magenta and Silver and see everything as positive. It drops away the silences we once held and holds us in a place of positivity about what is coming into our Life. Prosperity creates a way of being that brings abundance and prosperity to our lives on all levels. This Pastel Essence opens our Hearts where harmony can begin and create Trust in our future plans.

Violet & Pearlescence 'Mindfulness'

This Essence is needed where there has been lack of emotional trust. It cools tempers and brings openness and Light to the Heart where there have been dark stages to go through. Lack of confidence is addressed by this Essence by helping us to be open and mindful; it creates a balance in the Heart that is forgiving and honest, enabling us to talk things through and build self-esteem. Heartbreak can mend with this Essence and the nurturing of your Soul is processed by giving us time to alleviate grievances. Violet and Pearlescence amends depression and deepens understanding that we are all One Light and that we need to respect each other’s choices, let go of the past and move on. Mindfulness also helps when there is a crossroads in your Life.

Green & White
'A Loving Heart'

This Essence brings enjoyment to the Heart; it helps mental stability and opens the mind to have a Loving Heart with ourselves and others. Green and White balances and harmonises to help us look on the brighter side and to be open about what our feelings are.  Loving Heart stabilises and energises the personality to be more open, friendly and let go of any possessiveness by leveling up to the new value you find in your Heart-stream.

Rose Gold & White 'Friendship'

We need to be friendly to people to get the best out of each other and overcome any misunderstanding. Rose Gold and White creates an even keel of conversation so we don't get tongue-tied and embarrassed. The Friendship Essence opens the Heart up to another level, to cross the barriers and open to mutual respect for one another. Friendship brings a calm attitude, having respect in friendship allows friendships to blossom.

Silver & White 'Simplicity'

Simplicity is a key word that we all need and Simplicity is needed to find time in our lives.  Ease the way with Simplicity; take the hard work out of things by creating simple solutions to larger problems. Simplicity Essence structures our minds and being to compromise more readily and to find solutions quickly. It brings compromise and fluidity in all situations.

Sapphire & White 'Hope'

This is a gentle energy that flows into and from the Heart. Sapphire and White draws strength from within, teaching us to stand back and watch, to treat every day as it comes and not to get involved in the drama.  It quietens the mind in any situations of atrocity; it is meditative as well as clearing. Hope helps us to peaceably stand by with dignity keeping a silent Light in our Hearts, bringing quietness, tolerance and a perfect balanced state for growth and development. 

Pink & Opalescence 'Oneness'

This Essence brings about discernment.  Opalescence produces great Light in the Heart-centre and soaks through to the auric field, whereas Pink stays within the Heart-centre and purifies the whole system; these two work together as one. Oneness gives a balance to each chakra and produces Light inwards and outwards. It holds the energy of discernment in all situations by choosing the higher way. Oneness immerses us with more purity of Soul Essence and balances our emotions.

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