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Colour Vibration: Violet and Parlescence


This Essence is needed where there has been lack of emotional trust. It cools tempers and brings openness and Light to the Heart where there have been dark stages to go through. Lack of confidence is addressed by this Essence by helping you be open and mindful; it creates a balance in the Heart that is forgiving and honest, enabling you to talk things through and build self-esteem. Heartbreak can mend with this Essence and the nurturing of your Soul is processed by giving you time to alleviate grievances. Violet and Pearlescence amends depression and deepens understanding that we are all One Light and need to respect each other’s choices, let go of the past and move on. Mindfulness also helps when there is a crossroads in your Life.

Violet & Pearlescence 'Mindfulness'

SKU: 037
  • I now shine amongst others and release all negative traces of the past. I am respectful and Mindful of all things and shine in my own way.

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