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everyday life essences


Take for everyday dramas and challenges i.e. exams, public speaking, appointments, relief of emotional upset etc, to bring a gentle way to pacify and balance us calmly and securely. Just the thing to carry on our person, or in our bags to collect our energy when needed. It safely grounds us into a space of equilibrium.


Rescue Essence balances every aspect of our well-being, so we can go about our everyday lives in a positive way. Use this daily and /or place in a burner at home so you can feel safe and happy.


Confidence builds when we are at One with who we are. It builds from the inside and helps us understand the confidence of a balanced personality. It brings courage to our decisions and behaviour, be willing to give it a try and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.


Woman Essence is a blessing to the female form. A gentle and serene Essence that integrates all the energies to do with the female being. It balances the hormonal system allowing a woman to feel at one and comfortable with who she is.

Quietness of the Mind

The Quietness of the Mind Essence lessens the noise in the mind and brings quiet tranquillity when the brain is overloaded. It switches down to another level, bring calmness and clarity to sit comfortably in our own space.


Meditation Essence allows us to reach the deeper states of meditation practice with protection, Light and knowledge.  This Essence enables us to feel secure and welcome in this field and enjoy the experience of the journey within. It brings pure peace, clarity and an open mind to the delights of meditation practice.


Good for travel sickness and all forms of travel. It balances and organises us more quietly and to realign with the time zone you are in. Take it with you wherever you go and allow travelling to be a pleasant experience.


Creativity organises us to be more fluid and creative. It adjoins passion and fluidity together creating a path where the artistic flow is supported and grounded through creative work.

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