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crystal healing

Crystals and Crystal Healing have been used for many a century

​Crystals have always been admired for their beauty - whether it be for their colour, form or healing qualities, they are as popular now as they were in the ancient cultures. When you engage in looking at Crystals you will often feel drawn to one that you need even if it is only for its aesthetic qualities. Each Crystal has its own unique property, quality, frequency, colour, shape and vibration.  Each one is individual, and practitioners who work  with them understand the complex language of this kingdom. 

As a practitioner working in our changing modern world I have found Crystals to be an excellent healing tool on their own, and/or combined with other healing modalities. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies all are interlinked and work together as a whole surrounded by our electromagnetic field and chakra system. When one is out of sync it affects the others, so balance is required for optimum function. When Crystals are placed by an intuitive and sensitive practitioner on or around your body, they work with their own uniqueness in the energetic field. They emit their own frequency and vibration, helping to move, disperse, enhance and transmute any energy that needs re-balancing.

Free flow of energy or chi is required on all levels for good health and well-being to be enjoyed; when we have inner balance, we have outer balance. 


....when we have inner balance, we have outer balance

During a treatment....

You remain fully clothed, covered in a warm blanket and towel. You may enter a deep relaxed state where you may see colour, or feel a slight tingling or pulsation of energy; this is a direct experience of tuning and then releasing old energy patterning. New energy or chi is then allowed to flow into this area, allowing equilibrium to be more easily restored. After a treatment people often feel lighter, centred and energised, with a more complete sense of well-being and wholeness.

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