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sea essences

The Sea Essences have come to serve and address Deep Emotional Healing - water is a great emotional detoxifier and cleanser, it washes away and releases. The deep sea activity of these Essences re-balances and wipes clear any deep held residues from past lives and the present lifetime. They hold the dynamic qualities of forgiving, forgetting and perseverance.
Urchin 'Love Yourself'

Calms in times of hyperactivity, it brings an awareness to Love Yourself more dissolving pain, weepiness, tired energy and past events that were unjustified.  It allows us to go softly within and reside with the Heart Centre to trust in Life's passage and make the changes we need to quietly and with dignity. Love Yourself enables us to let go of any doubt, creating trust and rescues us to harmonise with abundance and gratitude to serve one another gently and kindly. 

Starfish 'Say Goodbye To The Past'

Helps to protect the Heart when there is concern and feelings of anger of things repeating and happening over again.  Say Goodbye to the Past releases mayhem, despair and feelings of being unloved, non-deserving and low self-esteem.  It washes away all destructive energies and dismantles feelings of inertia and uneasiness.  It quietens the mind where there has been confusion and gently swathes the auric field to heal quickly to feel replenished, supported and nourished.

Manta Ray 'Hurt No More'

Closing old doors is needed before we can move on, the Manta Ray glides freely and easily through the oceans waters taking life's ups and downs as they come.  It lifts and frees the emotions allowing us to refuel quietly, build confidence and quietly places us in a space to get on top of things.  Freeing us from victimhood it enables us to see the bigger picture respectfully, so we can move forward and make the transition,  looking to the future with delight.

Turtle 'Be At Home With Yourself'

Steadies and re-balances the Soul and Soul's journey through Life and teaches us there are no mistakes only learning.  Turtle lifts and dissolves any anger or fury from the past as it moves unhurried through the waters taking important breaks along the way.  It overrides overwhelm bringing temperance and puts the Light back in our eyes to show our Truth grounding us in a state of positive emotional welfare.

Cuttlefish 'Each Day As It Comes'

Energises us to take things in our stride, teaching us to flow with the tide of Life.  It upholds respect one another's decisions and the release of any malevolent behaviour and traumatic experiences once held.  It brings friendship, tolerance and dignity helping us to see that learning from each other is important for life's journey.

Barnacle 'Ease The Way'

Provides an emotional band-aid and deepens the awareness between Mother and Child where echo's of the past need to be healed.  It addresses the body when we are mentally tired and can help a relationship heal where there has been interference from a third party.  It rebuilds and supports trust in relationships with warmth and comfortableness, allowing friendship to begin.

Seahorse 'Kindness Comes From Within'

Brings a voyage of self discovery by breaking chains of the past and providing a delicate balance between parent and child.  It supports the release of deep seated emotions and allows pain to pass more easily, grooming both parties to be more open and forgiving. The energy brings a softness of wording and the use of the correct tone with compassion and understanding, bringing families back together.

Seal 'Live For the Day'

Frees us up to enjoy Life and not to make too much of things. It breaks the stale controlling patterning of too much work and not enough play, birthing us to the wisdom of playfulness and to be Happy.  Its protective energy softens us to be patient, to look inside and create an abundant future doing something we Love and enjoy.  Seal also allows any stale energy within our systems to be transmuted and released, making way for new positive energy.

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