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flower essences

Flower Essences are 'Nature's Gift to Humanity'....

....and when you take one it doesn't take you long to understand why. These words sum up their beauty with such simplicity. Simple to administer and having no side effects, they have a long history of therapeutic use. Essences of many formulations have always been used for centuries by our ancestors from the ancient World. They used them to treat every emotional, mental, physical and spiritual ailment or imbalance. The ancients were wise; they were able to comprehend that we are holistic beings and how the emotions and mental state would have an overall effect on our health and vitality.


In tune with Nature, they looked to the 'Doctrine of Signatures' of each plant, tree, crystal or colour that would somehow be indicative of its healing properties. The shape, scent and the environment would all be clues to its own uniqueness and qualities of healing. A good example of this is skullcap, shaped like a human skull, which is good for headaches and insomnia. Eyebright is a bright blue flower with a yellow centre looking like an eye, used for the treatment of sore and tired eyes, while the delicate scent of a Rose could caress your sensitivity. The Wise Ones worked with this form of healing for thousands of years quietly tuning to what was needed for addressing mind, body and spirit together.


The people of these times - Egyptians, Malay, Native American, Indians, Aborigines to name but a few - would collect the morning  dew from plants and trees knowing that their properties were encoded in the dew and administered it to address various dis-eases and dis-comforts with great effect. They knew our systems were integrated and knew it was always important to treat every being as whole and that each person, just like Plants, Animals and Trees, has their own individual vibration and frequency.


In more modern times a pioneer in this work was Dr. Edward Bach, a qualified orthodox physician found that his patients fell into different personality types. He was a genuine, sensitive and intuitive man. The most significant patterning fell into negatives of behaviour e.g. fear, apathy, sadness, abuse, anger etc. which were all pre-dispositions to their illness, so with great compassion he explored the English countryside and using insight and wisdom brought this form of healing forward to the present day. Since then others with the same form of sensitivity have been developing and exploring this modality of healing, knowing that unresolved emotional traumas are the root cause of all illness.


Plants and Trees absorb sunlight and moonlight; their healing vibration and unique 'Life Force', whether it be vigorous or gentle can be encoded in water. When an Essence is needed or comes through, there is a very special interaction between Healer and Nature to ensure this energy is transferred with utmost care and compassion. During this very beautiful process, the waters collect a vibration, colour and frequency, to become healing waters that are able to retain the distinct and unique coding, that is directed and shared with it. The interaction of this process between Healer and Nature, is considered sacred. The final step of making an Essence is to decant with brandy to preserve the coding, it is then the healing waters, become a Mother Essence. Our Essences here at Wings of Gold are made with waters sourced from organic land and decanted with highest quality organic brandy, all attuned to the new energies that are arriving. Each Essence has its own individual colour frequency of one or two colours that is clearly shown in the circle on each label. The frequency of colour comes from within the Essence. Every Essence is individual - some single, some a group and some are a host of different combinations to create one Mother Tincture. All have their own individual frequency. The Mother Essence is then diluted to a stock bottle and diluted again to a dosage bottle.


This very special form of holistic therapy is now being embraced by many from all different backgrounds. Society is beginning to understand the relationship between body, mind, emotions and the effect it has on our physical, mental and emotional states. Taking responsibility for ourselves and looking to the root of our discomfort is very empowering. It enables us to understand our own unique make-up, feelings and reactions. Our mental and emotional states are energy-in-motion, subtle states that create positive or negative outcome with our system.


Embracing the positive brings upliftment, joy and happiness. But if the negative is held onto and not processed or addressed, it can be the pre-requisite for discomfort and later this may manifest as dis-ease or even illness. We take good health for granted, and realize how truly special it is only when it is taken away, when we become unwell.  


This is where Essences are so valuable to us. They work as a catalyst for positive energy and change, suiting all make-ups and constitutions.  Where there may be fear they bring courage, where there has been grief or sadness, they bring peace and acceptance, where there has been anger or rage they bring calmness. The list goes on, and in Nature we will always find help. They delete our negativity. Like little bottles of magic they transition us from the negativity we are holding on to and experiencing, to a positive balanced state with much more ease and grace, addressing our experience as we live it.


I feel Essences are paramount for our understanding, well-being and everyday life, especially in this time of change where we are being asked to look into ourselves a bit deeper, to step up and drop the baggage. Each of us has something that we would like to change or let go of, and Essences make the journey easier. 


Like unique pieces of music, we are our own script and our notes can be sometimes sharp or flat, Essences help bring us back to

our correct tone, frequency and song. They enable us to let go of all that no longer serves, moving us forward with our lives with positivity and transition us through the challenges and changes as they come.


Albert Steiner once said 'Flower Essences are like sunshine melting the snow'. A beautiful and truthful message.


I genuinely believe they truly are 'Earth's Gift to Humanity' and 'Nourishment to the Soul', and are indispensable. I believe they give us a bridge, to embrace Life and take responsibility for ourselves to lead the lives and experiences we want purposefully with ease.


These Essences are tools for the future and have been given to help people find their way. They are the first Essences to be made in alignment of the Crystalline Energy that we are stepping into. They bring a form of Light that prepares the body into the new Light Body and have energy transmitters amongst the coding that releases trauma and then reforms to the appropriate dimensional patterning.

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