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Reflexology, well known and used extensively in our present day....
​.... is an ancient healing art and science found throughout many ancient civilisations. It is recorded in hieroglyphics on the wall within a tomb in Saqqara located in Egypt, which show very clearly a picture of a practitioner with his patient. The practice appears in many different ages and cultures that were far removed from one another, all throughout history. It is a method of healing that has been practised for 5,000 years and was introduced to the western World just over 100 years ago. 
Pioneers Eunice Ingham and Dr. Fitzgerald brought this healing modality into the modern World. They explored and revived this valuable tool, working with the different zones and energy lines that correspond to the physical organs and systems of our bodies. With great success, they learnt that by manipulating a particular reflex on the hand or foot a sensation, stimulation or relief would take place and would be felt in the relevant zone that was being worked with.  

Nowadays Reflexology is widely used and recommended for improving our well-being; it treats the whole person, the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual systems. All work together and link together, so all benefit. Practitioners use skilled techniques and are kept up to date with regular available new information through their governing professional bodies. Reflexologists administer a sequence of skills that trigger a release of tension, releasing blockages within our systems, prompting change. 

Pathways of energy are helped and cleared, improving the blood supply, allowing the chi or revitalised energy to flow freely to specific areas. This assists bringing back a state of equilibrium. 


There are over 7,000 nerve endings on our feet where impulses are carried to re-balance, de-stress, relax and improve your well-being. The medical profession is now recognising this therapy as supportive to their work and it can be found within Doctors' Surgeries, Midwifery Practices and Hospices.

Special care is always needed for our hands and feet - they carry so much information.
The Soles of our Feet carry The Soul of our Being

After a treatment....

Reflexology acknowledges that everybody is unique. After a treatment people often feel very relaxed and to have a improvement within mood. It is important to drink plenty of water and rest as this enables the treatment to have optimum effect.

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