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The practice of meditation is a truly beautiful discipline....

....and one of great harmony to our existence. The benefits are immense, especially when practised on a regular basis. It is a simple, quiet and free way to centre and re-balance yourself, working positively with all aspects - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The subject of meditation is related to the Soul and the Self; this process has no competition with others, no ego to please, just self-development and inner knowing.

It is advisable to be very gentle with yourself when you first start to meditate, as many are unaware of how busy their minds are!  It takes time to settle the mind, as we break away from our daily lives and go into complete stillness. The lamas have a term for this condition; they call it, 'monkey mind'. The mind can continually jump from one thing to the other, finding it difficult to settle or centre. The mind also just wanders, so be patient and bring yourself back without being judgemental. Always be peaceful and gentle with yourself, and with your learning. The stilling of the mind takes practice, training and patience; this cannot be rushed. When we achieve stillness our being becomes at one with the Soul, and our awareness develops the true aspects of ourselves and our inner Self. When we understand our minds and the nature of how we act and react, meditation gives us the tools to accept and learn how to change positively. 

Meditation and quietness is the key to true Self-healing. It asks nothing of you, just your willingness to be still, calm your energy and be centred, stilling the chattering mind is like clearing away the clutter. While it is important to make a clear space and a time for this practice to develop, it is equally important that you do not engage in any feelings of frustration, or anger when your mind, physical tiredness, or stress levels are overloaded! Leave it until you feel more clear. When you gently ease yourself into a regular practice, it makes it easier to master the tools of any trade.

When you start gently working with the garden of your mind, you silence the ego, attain Peace, and open to the real you. You will find this discipline becomes a haven for your Self-development. When you feel you are in your flow, it is beneficial to practice twice per day; sunrise and sunset are good pointers, depending on how it fits in with your Life. 

Harmony in mental attitude is a complete necessity as you develop your skills and learn to open to the Universal Gateways of Knowledge. Know that all Peace comes from within and all Higher Energies are available and attainable to us as individuals. This energy then unifies and connects us with the collective mind and all that you desire to change is attainable. Be patient, allow time and space to make friends with yourself, see the bigger picture and always come back to breath.


For some, daily meditation is as important as breathing - to centre, to reconnect and commune with the Self, to open to Inner Knowing and find Peace and balance in the Heart Centre.


Meditation also brings the opportunity to get together and focus on Pure intent - with this collectively, we can manifest a positive reality. Meditation grows in strength when done in numbers.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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