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The collection of 8 Master Essences is a whole new Octave and has been given to humanity at a time of great change as the new and higher frequencies flood the Earth. These Essences allow a smoother passage and experience, with more fluidity, ease and grace on your chosen pathway. All are of unique collective vibrational coding.

Magnifies shifts us to live in the Now moment and radiates from the Heart centre, a glockenspiel of notes that takes us higher into our true Magnificence. It gets us started on new projects and makes us want to do more with our lives. Magnificence excites passion for learning and activates the Heart chakra to move things along swiftly and quickly, bringing passion to our lives with the understanding of who we truly are. Magnificence brings Serenity of the mind and aligns us with our Souls Path. The Light frequency is Pale Pink, resonating with Unconditional Love that nurtures our true Magnificence, bringing kind heartedness and a listening mind.


Is like a safety net giving us the higher wisdom to trust in our future. Security Essence dissipates thought patterns that are wary, concerning and doubtful, allowing us to feel safe, secure, happy and grounded. This in turn enables us to be strong and confident with making our decisions, knowing that concrete foundations are needed when grounding projects and relationships. The Light frequency is Violet which has a strong and secure protective force field, attracting trust and Security.


Strength gives you the courage to go forward, being boldly present in the Now. It balances both stability and confidence, overcoming any fear to put things straight and adjust without pushing or fighting your way forward. Releasing any tension, it conditions the mind to be quiet and fearless, enabling us to move forward with a plan or project. The Light frequency is Blue, clearing, calming, strengthening and stabilising. This Essence creates movement in our lives, bringing inner strength, confidence and self-belief, enabling us to walk tall.

Fountain of Youth

Full of Light and channelled as the 'Champagne of Essences', this Essence heightens us to embrace the joy and abundance that Life has to offer. It lightens the personality to a move into a more joyful and youthful outlook. Uplifting the personality, it has a feeling of innocence that makes us want to embrace every day as a new day, becoming more open and able. It allows us to take adjustments in our stride. Fountain of Youth brings new Life with joy and laughter. The Light frequency is Soft Green - refreshing, balancing and harmonious.


New Light is called for when there is a need for growth and change. Transformation Essence gently dissolves any issues that are outgrown or no longer needed. It provides a platform to collect our thoughts and to transition quietly, breaking away from the past with more ease. It makes us aware of what needs to be moved through, resonating with the Soul's need to move forward and providing a platform of harmony and the right direction. The Light frequency is Magenta, guiding us and teaching us to work with, and from your Heart.


Forgiveness is the only way forward. This Essence releases the past with humbleness and acceptance for that which no longer serves you. This allows us to move forward responsibly and freely without resistance, leaving the past behind and making way for new beginnings. This Essence brings Unconditional Love and acceptance harmonising growth in all relationships. The Light frequency is Gold, which brings wisdom and enlightens the way with ease. It is only through Forgiveness that we can allow release.


Serenity brings serene quiet composure, tranquillity and sobriety of mind. It is a valued companion, quietening the Soul with dignity and opening the Heart to forgiveness. A beautiful energy when we need to spend time with ourselves, calming the field between us and others. Serenity Essence is tranquillity for the Soul. The Light frequency is Orange which is grounding, warming, joyful, and full of delight.

Truth, Love & Happiness

Truth, Love & Happiness is a great energiser for all matters of the Heart. It allows our Hearts to learn from the past, dismantling any weary energy that is holding us back. This Essence vibrates to Red which brings much warmth and passion in our Soul and personality. It energises and motivates us to override any fears in order to ground our ideas into action and walk purposefully forward. It brings immense gratitude for all life and a renewal of energy allowing us to honour ourselves and others whilst maintaining a cool, calm and collected demeanour. This Essence brings us Truth, Love, Happiness and Friendship.

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