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frequently asked questions

What Are Essences?

They are signatures of a plant, tree, crystal and/or environment that is encoded in waters to heal the emotional and mental state. Essences are designed to re-programme and assist with positive thinking, they release what is called 'negative patterning' on an emotional level and readdress the balance to emotional well-being, at which point, the mental state takes a pause to make the changes in alignment with personal well-being and welfare.

How Long Have Essences Been Used?

Flower Essences have been used for thousands of years dating back to the ancient cultures, Egypt, Native Americans, Asia, India and also Australia, you will find their history on every continent and in every corner of the World. Their long history of therapeutic use has been recognised and well documented where the ancients would look to the Doctrine of Signatures and the powerful coding of each plant to find what was indicative of its healing qualities and properties. This information has been passed down through history and in our more modern times a young pioneer, Doctor Edward Bach, a conventional doctor trained in homeopathic medicine further developed the Bach Flower Remedies from the British countryside.


Doctor Bach was a sensitive empath, he was able to see that his patients fell into categories of personality and that these personality traits were all predispositions to their individual illnesses or dis-ease. He knew he would find his answers in nature and made Essences of plants, herbs and trees. With these remedies he was able to bring back balance to the emotional state of his patients in order for them to heal. The Wings of Gold Essences have been developed further to accommodate the new and upgraded energies and frequencies of today.


How Are Essences Prepared?

Each Essence is different, here at Wings Of Gold Essences we have a preparation called energetic transference where the plant, tree, environment or crystal does not touch the water, so nothing is harmed. The transferring of the energetic process is timed to perfection, giving the coding to the waters at the exact timing. They are prepared with water sourced from organic land and preserved with high quality organic brandy, they require different periods of time depending on what is needed and shared. The exact and perfect timing of each Essence is individual.


What is Vibrational Medicine?

Vibrational Medicine is derived from plants, trees, crystals and/or environments that are energetically encoded within the waters. When this process is complete the waters are upgraded to Healing Waters with the imprint and coding preserved by the Healer and/or Practitioner with brandy. Vibrational Medicine works with speed and interacts with the body in a way that fluctuates the balance back to health and well-being. 


The windows of our Soul require addressing as we pursue Life' dreams. Our energy fields requires balancing frequently if we are to reach our intended goals, for example the Copper Beech 'Service' Master Tree Essence addresses each moment as it comes for Higher Service. Taking the Wings of Gold Essences or Vibrational Medicine produces great warmth in the Soul, they travel through our energetic system and work with the subconscious mind to alleviate the pain of emotions inside our being. Emotional barriers are broken down with the Essences by settling the nervous system first and then gently send their energies throughout our energetic system. The balance comes when we take Essences for one month for the physical and the emotional crisis is addressed much quicker over a period of one to two weeks. Levelling out the system with Essences is part of the balance of healing, when there are layers missing and top notes need addressing, further Essences are required and can be administered.

Are Essences Safe to Take?

Essences are safe to use and work in harmony with the emotions and the body, they leave behind a self adjusting technique that is gentle and stabilising to the well-being and are completely natural. There are no harmful side-effects when you use the Wings of Gold Essences, they can integrate with medication will no ill effects.


The Wings of Gold Essences self adjust with each individual, sometimes an intensity of energy maybe felt for a short while, this is because your body is fluctuating and adjusting with the healing process. If this happens you may choose to pause for a day or two to re-balance, and then resume taking your Essence at which point an adjustment will occur in its own time, as the frequency settles, equilibrium is restored once more. We recommend that you keep a record of how you feel and what improvements have been made.


What Can I Use If I Am Sensitive To Brandy?

Organic brandy is a very safe and effective preservative and only a minuscule amount is used in each dosage. However, glycerine can be used as an alternative, but once the Essence is opened it is best kept in the refrigerator and replaced every 2 weeks.


What Is The Difference Between Essences, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy? 

Essences carry the unique energetic imprint which is the Life Force of the individual herb, flower, tree, crystal, plant and/or environment that is encoded within water, to make them healing waters. Working at a subconscious level the Essences re-balance the emotions and adjust the mental state, bringing the body to a state of healing and equilibrium.


Herbal Medicine is macerated parts of plants, roots, leaves, flowers and/or bark. It is the study of botany used for medicinal practice where each part of the plant can have different medicinal uses – fresh and dried matter can be used. They can be made into decoctions, syrups, tinctures, compresses, poultices and lotions. Alcohol is used as well as oil-based preparations, powders, juices, steam inhalations etc.


Homeopathic Remedies are based on the concept that 'like cures like'. They are produced from minute and diluted amounts of plants, trees, animal hair and mineral sources. The remedies are put into a centrifuge, they are diluted and with each dilution its potency is raised. Some of the remedies require that you abstain from coffee, strong toothpaste, potent aromas, oils and garlic as these substances are able to antidote the effect of the remedy.


Can I Use Wings Of Gold Essences for Children?

Yes you can, a Children's Range has been especially formulated to meet all the needs of children as they are growing. The Essences are all safe and natural and children respond quickly to them. However, children can still use and benefit from all the Essence ranges made here at Wings of Gold Essences.

The dosages for Children are as follows:-

Age 0 – 1 year – 2 drops on forehead x twice daily = 4 drops daily

Age 1 – 4 years – 4 drops orally (under the tongue) x twice daily = 8 drops daily

Age 4 – 8 years – 6 drops orally (under the tongue) x twice daily = 12 drops daily

Age 8 years onward – 8 drops orally (under the tongue) x twice daily = 16 drops daily


Alternatively, these can all be taken in a small amount of water, if that is the preferred method of administration, or placed on food, directly on the body and in bathwater.


Does Food, Drink, Coffee, Toothpaste Harm The Essences?

Not at all (unlike how it can antidote homeopathic remedies), although it is advisable to have a clear space and time before taking Essences and after administration. For example, a good time is upon rising in the morning and before retiring to bed.


How Do I Pick and Choose an Essence or Symbol?

It takes a little time to choose correctly, so clear thinking is needed, take your time will a little exercise of self reflection and observation to how you are feeling and behaving at this present moment. If you are feeling stubborn then the Gratefulness Symbol is needed as a stubborn attitude is ungrateful. If you are feeling unbalanced, the White & Gold 'Balance' Colour Essence is needed to bring back your equilibrium. If you are feeling overwhelmed and can't retain any information, the Magenta & Pink 'Peace of Mind' Colour Essence is needed and so on.


Picking an Essence or Symbol is quite simple, take the time to read and see where you are best suited, holding the Behaviour Symbol gives you an advantage of picking correctly. Be instinctive and go with what takes your eye and what you are drawn to, trust your first reaction and inner knowing.


But if you feel you still need some guidance why not take advantage of our ‘Skype for Trudi’ service available every Monday between the hours of 4pm and 6pm GMT. Consultations will last 5 to 10 minutes, during which time energies will be tuned to the best Essences and/or Symbols for your personal requirements. Alternatively, outside of these hours you may send an email to stating your name, location (city, country) and brief description of what is ailing you e.g. lack of confidence, anxiety, fearfulness, dealing with a particular situation and so on. Trudi will respond via email with her recommendations within 48 hours. These services are offered free of charge and you are under no obligation to make a purchase.

Know that true healing only occurs when we have a 'Change of Heart' and a Change of Heart is good for everyone, it brings greater quality and balance to your outlook on Life.


What Happens If I Take The Wrong Essence?

Essences only address the presenting problems and then make adjustments through the subtle energy field. They are both gentle and safe to use, if an Essence was administered and there were no presenting problems, it would simply just fluctuate the adjustment and no harm would be done. Essences only work with what is needed.

How Do I Take The Essences?

These Essences are safe and easy to use and can be administered to adults, children, pets, environments and plants. Here are some simple ways to incorporate them into your life.


  • Take orally by using a pipette, placing 8 drops under the tongue twice daily (adults).
    Children dosages are as follows: 0 - 1 yr: 2 drops on the forehead twice daily | 1 - 4 yrs: 4 drops under the tongue twice daily | 4 - 8 yrs: 6 drops under the tongue twice daily | 8+ yrs: 8 drops under the tongue twice daily.

  • Add to bath water to enjoy their benefits through the steam as well as being absorbed by the skin. A 30 mins bath time with 20 drops of Essence will help you let go of your busy schedule to relax completely and enjoy.  

  • Place in a burner in the home. Their therapeutic qualities can clear, settle and uplift the atmosphere, bringing calmness and positive communication to the environment. Equally they can be placed in an electric diffuser in the home or workplace environments with positive effects.

  • Administer to plants by adding 8 drops to your watering can or use with a spray.

  • Apply topically to wrists, temples, behind the ears, on the palms of your hand, soles of your feet or you can dilute in oils for a gentle massage.  This form of administration is very helpful if somebody is unable* to take them orally. 

  • Dilute in drinks or place on food. 

  • Add to your favourite creams and lotions and apply to your body.

  • At bedtime spray or drop onto your pillow, to soothe you to sleep.


* All Essences contain a small amount of brandy as a preservative. Where this is not suitable a water and glycerine essence can be specially prepared.

Are Essences Gluten Free?

Yes, Wings of Gold Essences are gluten free. They are made from water sourced from organic land and preserved with organic brandy.

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