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Colour Vibration: Golden Yellow


This Essence energises our Heart Centre to HAPPY thoughts. It opens the Heart to be spontaneous and to enjoy Life, and to see perfection in everything. It disperses areas of stress and any tired ways and addresses awkward silences with warmth and Joy. It stabilises and creates energy for your relationship with yourself, enabling you to feel confident and protected in your own space and solitary pursuits. Perfect Companion brings the sunshine back into your Life, Joy and Laughter into your Heart, and the expectation of Pureness of Heart in all situations.

The Pilgrim 'Perfect Companion'

SKU: 024
  • I smile and embrace Light with others. I Trust the outcome of prosperity in all things in Life. I humbly take the right steps to make sure my relationship with myself is successful and abundant. I stay True and a friend to myself.

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