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Colour Vibration: Opalescence


This exquisite pale pink Rose brings a gentle energy that makes people feel comfortable. It quietens the field to uplift, uphold and engage in friendship in a way that is equal to all parties with modesty and gratefulness. It diffuses any futile behaviour and creates a wave of energy that softly erases any past, present and future emotions that may hinder a relationship. Perfection addresses all areas, and brings betterment of the Soul to excel in all matters, keeping things light and airy. It teaches us to honour companionship and each other's opinions, to be grateful and connect with each other and to embrace each moment spent together.

Cottage Rose 'Perfection'

SKU: 018
  • Harmonic balance is required in my Soul to rebalance my Light and Light in others. I find courage in my own growth, and settle in Peace with those around me.

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