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Colour Vibration: Green


This Essence brings Trust in the Heart, to trust others as well as yourself. It brings a softness of composure that opens the Heart to be humble in relationships. It brings friendship and calm atmospheres with family and friends. It breathes self-conduct and self- assurance bringing understanding, building confidence and equality, widening the horizons of thinking. Trust enhances trustworthiness in every situation. When Trust is present so is Love and from Love, all amends itself. It brings great compassion and recognition for the Truth, to be tolerant with each other and open to the 'New' in relationships. When there is Trust and Truth in friendship, it opens to the higher ways of joy building bridges and the faith to trust.

Hyde Hall 'Trust'

SKU: 017
  • I now Trust others to respect my World. My Heart-Centre grows sufficiently to stabilise security and Trust wherever I go.

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