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Set contains all 8 Higher Path to Prosperity Essences:

  1. Trust In your Heart
  2. Protection On Your Journey
  3. Building Solid Foundations
  4. Abundance of Light
  5. Your Higher Career Path
  6. Creative Flow
  7. Envisioning Success
  8. Time to Enjoy

Higher Path to Prosperity Essences Set

SKU: 073
  • These Essences are safe and easy to use and can be administered to adults, children, pets, environments and plants. Here are some simple ways to incorporate them into your life.


    • Take orally by using a pipette, placing 8 drops under the tongue twice daily (adults). Children dosages are as follows: 0 - 1 yr: 2 drops on the forehead twice daily | 1 - 4 yrs: 4 drops under the tongue twice daily | 4 - 8 yrs: 6 drops under the tongue twice daily | 8+ yrs: 8 drops under the tongue twice daily.

    • Add to bath water to enjoy their benefits through the steam as well as being absorbed by the skin. A 30 mins bath time with 20 drops of Essence will help you let go of your busy schedule to relax completely and enjoy.  

    • Place in a burner in the home. Their therapeutic qualities can clear, settle and uplift the atmosphere, bringing calmness and positive communication to the environment. Equally they can be placed in an electric diffuser in the home or workplace environments with positive effects.

    • Administer to plants by adding 8 drops to your watering can or use with a spray.

    • Apply topically to wrists, temples, behind the ears, on the palms of your hand, soles of your feet or you can dilute in oils for a gentle massage.  This form of administration is very helpful if somebody is unable* to take them orally. 

    • Dilute in drinks or place on food. 

    • Add to your favourite creams and lotions and apply to your body.

    • At bedtime spray or drop onto your pillow, to soothe you to sleep.


    * All Essences contain a small amount of brandy as a preservative. Where this is not suitable a water and glycerine essence can be specially prepared.

    • Per Bottle Size: 30ml

      Weight: 80g

      Contents: Only natural and vibrational ingredients; spring water, organic brandy 10% ABV and energy signatures of the Elements, Environment, Colour Frequency and Light.

      Nutrition: Energy per 100ml – 346kj/82kcal. Contains negligible amounts of protein, fats, saturates, carbohydrates, sugars and salt.

      Made in England, RM14 2RS

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