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Colour Vibration: Pale Yellow with a touch of Red warmth


Willow helps with organising the mind to be more practical. It opens the mind to be more willing and the Heart to be more sensitive. It helps with co-ordination skills and opens the Heart to be gentler when receiving information that needs to be processed delicately. With heightened sensitivity we speak our Truth and allow others to do the same, helping you help yourself and helping one another, treating everyone as equal. The message here is to be friendly and without prejudice. Excellent for schoolchildren of all ages, it opens the Heart to be more practical and grateful for everything. Flexibility is the key here, it gives abundant knowledge and breaks the harmful pattern of rigid thought. It releases, relaxes and unfolds with greater knowledge and respect for one's journey, and opens the mind to be more relaxed, forgiving, open and loving.

The Willow 'Unfoldment'

SKU: 010
  • I greet each day as it comes and take each day as it arrives. With my Heart open I respond to Life with enjoyment and flexibility as it Unfolds.

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