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Colour Vibration: Mid-Magenta with a touch of Blue


With white bark and silvery leaves, it gives a breath of fresh air to any situation; it sits in harmony with the balance of Nature. Vibrationally it creates a great change in personality; it distinctly greets you with great warmth and is welcoming and open. It provides happy thoughts and crushes sadness. It has a fluid energy that approaches Life with 'Light-heartedness'. Known as 'The Lady of the Forest', it relates well with older women, who have nurtured their family and watched as they grew, leaving the family nest. Often there's a space needed for these women before they take their next step in Life. The Silver Birch creates a bridge, and gives a lift when someone is leaving, especially when we wish we were going with them. It releases old karmic debt and closes doors, enabling you to plant new seeds for the future. Silver Birch meets the needs of many people; it softens the outlook to be more positive, and clears the mind to work simply and efficiently. It brings an effervescent energy with calm grace so you can move things along quickly and multi-task. Its fluid energy excites a passion for drawing and anything artistic, and removes any stifled information, leaving you feeling refreshed and humbled.

The Silver Birch 'Divine Love'

SKU: 011
  • I create the space I need with wisdom to better my World in a practical way. I enhance each day with the feminine aspect of virtue and kindness.

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