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Colour Vibration: Peach


This noble Tree helps you respect one’s own decisions from the Heart, and gives respect to one’s own conscious thought. Wisdom is the Soul’s choice of wording. This Essence brings clarity of mind and Wisdom of the Soul together to work confidently to future goals. It brings a balanced state harmonising confidence in one’s own decisions, making people think twice about what they are doing. Mistakes are made all the time and this has the energy to push to the forefront all that needs to be dropped, pushed away or addressed. It gives great clarity and emotional stability to find your own way with confidence. It regulates the exchange of energy between people, so everyone can have their fair say.

The Giant Sequoia 'Wisdom'

SKU: 009
  • I am grateful for the Wisdom I have in my Soul. With Wisdom my Soul grows and keeps growing. I am able to see where I am going. I am Wise, safe and happy.

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