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Colour Vibration: Deep Blue


Strong and open, the Oak gives support in any situation. It is a great friend when you over-exert yourself, when you feel tired or when you simply don't know when to say no! The Oak gives strength where needed; with the gentle and powerful strength of Oak you can put anything right. It drives out the foolishness of wanting to do everything for everyone, so you can have some time and space for the things you want to pursue. Strength comes when we are rested, we can then work productively. Oak streams energy in a directive way so you have the strength to follow things through, dissolving any self-sabotage issues and enabling you to stand up for yourself and enjoy prosperity.

The Oak 'Support & Harmony'

SKU: 012
  • I give my Light to others in a quiet and calm way. I feel strengthened and supported so I can cope with Life in a respectful and dignified manner.

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