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subtle energy and energetic circuitory

Some people believe their physical body and the material world to be only reality that exists.

They can see it, feel it, touch, taste and smell it. It is to them their understanding of a normal and rational way of being. But over the last 20 years or so, many cultures have shared knowledge and wisdom revealing that we are in fact multi-dimensional beings, made up of complex energetic systems which overlay and extend outwards from our physical body. There are existing ancient texts showing intricate maps of energy in and around the body, depicting chakras, energy vortexes, nadis, energy pathways, meridian lines, torus field and the higher and lower self. 

To make it understandable we wish to explain each area of this subject as simply as we can.



The Subtle Bodies


There are seven subtle bodies which surround our physical, each one composed of very high frequency.  The Etheric body is the energetic blueprint for the physical.  It is the first body, being the most dense and of lowest vibration, reaching out to our Ketheric body which is the highest of our subtle anatomy field.  From the outside, each layer penetrates all the layers under it, residing and co-existing together, integrating fully with our physical being. In form all have a definite structure; the first, third, fifth and seventh are more grid-like while the second, fourth and sixth are composed of a more fluid-like substance.




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Collectively these subtle bodies are known as our Aura, or Auric Energetic Field. An Electromagnetic Circuitry of Energy that holds information and coding of all our life experiences in the different layers. In fact we are like our own personal satellite dish receiving, processing, recording and transmitting energy on a multidimensional level.  Integrating this unseen energy is a major part of our wholeness and wellness and our state of mind is key to keeping our energy fields clear and vital.   If a negative thought or condition goes unnoticed, imbalances may occur, filtrating down to the physical, which may manifest itself as a dis-comfort, or in deeper states dis-ease. 

Our physical body is actually a conduit for our Electromagnetic Field.



The Chakra System


Chakra is the Sanskrit name for vortex.  Chakras are vortexes of spinning, pulsating and vibrating energy that flow through all the layers of our energy field from above our Crown through to our physical being, finishing below our feet.  There are major and minor chakras, 352 in all.  The old system of twelve chakras were made up of seven that were connected to the physical and all other layers of the energetic circuitry and five that resided outside of our physical, aligning above our crown and below our feet.  Smaller centres are recognised, attached to the palms of our hands and feet and some organs have individual energy centres too, e.g. the liver, the pancreas etc. This beautiful complex system also extends to include nadis, meridians and energy pathways. 


Chakras are cone shaped and the centres attached to our physical body filtrate outwards from the spine, uniting at the central vertical stream. This central stream is seen as a column of white light that runs the length of the spine, from the top of our crown to under the perineum and this central light circuit is called 'Sushumna'. These vortexes of energy via their stems, join the central axis and locate at specific areas pairing with the vital organs and endocrine glands,. They integrate with all systems of the physical body and area known as the Major Chakras, the ones co-joined to our physical. 


The next five chakras presented themselves outside of the body, these higher centres become awakened and activated through the practice of meditation and spiritual discipline. They are the communion of our Higher Self, True Purpose and True Self, they align with beauty and grace, when opened and activated they have access to realms of higher learning.  They hold the keys to Higher Beingness, where all Knowing, Peace of Being and Enlightenment are realised.

Another Chakra, know as the Earth Star chakra lies below the feet to ground us deeply into the Earth.

Each centre hold unique support all resonating to their own colour, sound, tone, frequency and vibration.


Shown here is the old Chakra System aas we trasverse and develop to the accommodate the new Chakra System.

This is a brief description of our old System


The Seven Major Chakras


 1  Root Chakra, Sanskrit name Muladhara which means 'Root Support' is the foundation of our entire system.  It sits at the perineum and points downwards, keeping us grounded and stable, and brings inner stillness and security, from which we evolve and build our personality.  It is related to the element of Earth and governs the spinal column, large intestine, feet, bones, teeth, kidneys and the adrenal glands.

The balanced state : Survival, connected to your tribe, feeling grounded, safe, stable and secure in your own space.  Organized.


Inner state:  Stillness, security and stability

Colour    : Red.

Sense      : Smell

Verb        : I have

Foods      : Protein and Red foods

Gland      :Adrenals

When this chakra is overactive - overly materialistic, too grounded and needing possessions.

When this chakra is underactive - overly anxious, fearful, nervous,  ungrounded, feelings of insecurity, disorganized.

The unbalanced state -   Weight problems, anorexia, obesity, sciatica, knee troubles, degenerative arthritis, bowel complaints, constipation.


2 Sacral Chakra, Sanskrit name Svadhisthana which means 'Sweetness' and is located in the lower abdomen between the navel and the genitals covering all of that area.  It also corresponds to the sciatic nerve and is a centre of motion for the body and is often called the 'The Seat of Life'. It is related to the element of water and governs the reproductive system, kidneys, bladder, large intestine and womb.  The womb can be referred to as a woman's heart.







The balanced state: Energy flows freely and balanced between friendships and love relationships.  Intense balanced feelings and emotions of sexuality, creativity, nurturing, clairsentience and pleasure.

Inner state : Feelings and movement, to let go and create flow.                   

Colour : Orange

Sense   : Taste

Verb     :  I feel

Foods   : Liquids and Orange foods

Gland   : Ovaries

When this chakra is overactive -  can be oversensitive, overactive, overemotional, overly sexual and emotionally attached to others.

When this chakra is underactive -  can be distant, frigid, stiff, unemotional.

The unbalanced state - suppressed emotions and own needs, lower back problems, impotence, reproductive problems, frigidity, uterine, bladder or kidney imbalance, large intestine and relates to breast feeding.



3 Solar Plexus Chakra, Sanskrit name is Manipura meaning 'Lustrous Gem' because it shines brightly like a golden sun.  It is located between the navel and the sternum.  Strength in this chakra is being in control of your life, assertively living life to the full with humour and empowerment.  It is related to the element of fire. From the earthed support of the root into the free-flowing waters and up to the fire where we transform, fuel for the engine.  'Fire in the belly!' It governs all the digestive organs, stomach, liver, gallbladder, intestines, pancreas, and spleen.

The balanced state – balanced self-esteem, feeling in control and self-confident, courageous and able to make healthy decisions for your life.


Inner state : Laughter, joy and feeling empowered and able to trust your 'gut feelings'.

Colour    : Bright Yellow

Sense      : Sight








Foods      : Starches and yellow foods

Gland      : Islets of Llangerhauns [Pancreas] and adrenals

The unbalanced state – out of control, overbearing, controlling, manipulative, arrogant, indecisive, fearful, aggressive, stubbornness, diabetes, hypoglycaemia, digestive disorders, ulcers, eating disorders, anaemia, depression, skin problems, metabolic disorders.



4 Heart Chakra, Sanskrit name Anahata meaning 'Unstruck' and is the centre point of the physical chakras where we move through the active fire of the Solar Plexus into the more gentle unconditional acceptance of the Heart. This our spiritual core, where our higher centres meet our lower centres, integrating and balancing various aspects of our being.  Here we transcend ego, growing towards something far greater and deeper.  It governs the heart, pericardium, lungs, arms, hands, liver, circulatory system, blood and vagus nerve.  The Heart Chakra has two colours,- Green (the central colour) working with social interaction, kindness and affection, tolerance, friendliness, and Pale Pink ( the pink forms a circle of colour around the green) which relates to compassion, empathy, unity, healing and unconditional love.

The balanced state - to love freely, unconditionally without any fear or conditions.  Acceptance and tolerance of all.  An open heart.  Love. 


Inner state : Compassionate, Harmonious and Loving

Colour    : Green in the centre surrounded by

                  Pale Pink

Sense      :  Air

Foods     :  Green foods and bitter foods

Gland     :  Thymus

The unbalanced state,- lack of trust, cold and distant, suffocating someone with too much love, loving conditionally, manipulating love, heartless, insincere, greed, inability to accept love, asthma, lung disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, lack of acceptance and lack of tolerance.






5 Throat Chakra,  Sanskrit name Visuddha meaning 'Purification'. Located in the region of the neck and shoulders, it sits the centre of expression, communication and creativity in all forms and 'The Gateway to Consciousness'  Speech and sound have a purifying quality and they give voice to our expression, intuition and are also an invisible field of vibration,  The vibration of the 'spoken word'.  The Throat Chakra governs the lungs, vocal chords, thyroid, parathyroids, throat, bronchials, ears, hearing, neck, jaw, arms, hands and alimentary canal.

The balanced state, - being able to express fully individual desires and creativity, balanced self-expression with clear communication.


Inner state :  Synthesis of ideas into symbols, peaceful communication and expression of the self.

Colour       :  Bright Blue

Sense         :  Hearing

Foods         : Fruit

Glands       : Thyroid and Parathyroids

The unbalanced state, unable to express yourself, extroverted, over talking, shyness, introverted, fear of being noticed in the world, fear of failure and being rejected or judged, sore throat, colds, stiff neck and shoulders, hearing problems, thyroid and parathyroid problems, frozen shoulder.


6  Third Eye Chakra or Brow Chakra, Sanskrit name Ajna meaning 'To Know, To Perceive, To Command, 'The Winged Perceiver', located above the eyes and at the centre of our forehead.  Our eyes enable us to see our path with outer vision and inner vision, imagination, intuition and all faculties of the mind.  Expansion is experienced during meditation, opening us to 'True Knowing'. It  governs the brain and neurological system, left eye, ears and nose, and has the element of 'Light'.The Brow Chakra opens our clairaudience and clairvoyance and our psychic abilities and inner knowing and seeing.

Inner state   : Humbleness

Colour        : Indigo

Sense          : Image

Foods         : Fruit and Veg Indigo coloured

Gland         : Pineal





The balanced state opens our inner vision through this centre, giving us truth and clarity in all things, and helping us to gain wisdom and insight to all our life's experiences.

Unbalanced state,- rigid thinking, unimaginative, seeing is believing, blindness, headaches, eyestrain, rejection of path and spiritual side, too much focus on intellect and analysing, nightmares.


7 Crown Chakra, Sanskit name Sahasrara, means 'Thousandfold' referring to the 'Thousand-Petalled Lotus' situated at the top of our head.  This beautifully delicate field is authentically known as 'The Seat of Enlightenment, Source of all Consciousness, and the Connection of all Knowing'.  The element of this chakra is thought and our thoughts have an impact on our reality.  The key to the Lotus is meditation.  Through quiet discipline, centredness and the stilling of the mind this precious miracle can be observed and located through the inner vision of our Third Eye Brow Chakra. The petals are translucent white.  Thought moves the petals in subtle waves and ripples, and to witness this during meditation is truly profound.  Our soul roots in the base chakra, grows up through the water, fire, air, sound and light,- then flowers, blooms and unfolds at the crown. This centre brings in the wisdom of your soul from your higher chakras offering guidance and direction.   Areas governed by the crown Chakra are the brain, nervous system, cerebral cortex and right eye.


Inner state : Bliss and Pureness at One with the Self

Colour       :  Violet to White

Foods        :   None, Fasting

Gland        :   Pituitary

The balanced state opens up to pure thought and 'Divine Knowing' flowing into the manifestation of pure being.  This force and energy flows down into all the other chakras, opening us to awareness and wisdom of all that is sacred, the higher states of communion.

The unbalanced state is alienation, confusion, depression, apathy, anxiety with the inability to let go, boredom.







The Five Chakras That Reside Outside Of The Body


8  The Eighth Chakra  sits approximately 18 inches above the crown and is known as the 'Seat of the Soul' and 'The Gateway that leads to the Divine'. This Energy centre holds the information of our Akashic records (lifetime records) and our Soul's purpose for this incarnation.  It is the 'Wisdom Keeper' to help you gain strength from within for your true Life's Purpose. This Golden and sometimes Rainbow coloured 'Light' is often seen in paintings as a 'glow' above the head and can be accessed when inner clearing and self healing work is done on all of the lower chakras.


9  The Ninth Chakra  sits approximately 12 to 18 inches below the feet and is known as our 'Earth Star Chakra'.  It is important that this chakra is open and free flowing as it anchors your Soul work into Mother Earth.  To be fully open it needs to resonate with your Heart and Divine Purpose; then it creates balance, tenacity, and an abundant journey.


10 The Tenth Chakra  sat above the Eighth Chakra and is known as the 'Oversoul'.  It provides for embellishment of the Soul's needs and choices.  This centre is a major step in our awakening, connecting and guiding for the right choices to be made with True Wisdom from the Heart.  With this Chakra activated we start to feel comfortable with who we are and less affected by that which does not serve, enabling us to shift energy.


11 The Eleventh Chakra sits just above the Tenth and is known as the 'Soul Star' centre.  Holding the energy of the Soul, it radiates your core solar energy with the Central Sun and Heart Centre of the Universe.


12 The Twelfth Chakra sits just above the Eleventh and is known as the 'Stellar Gateway' or 'God Gate'.  This centre connects us to the 'I Am Presence' level and is the highest connection to Source Energy.  When fully aligned it is like a Golden Chalice bringing in purest Light from Source.








The Renewed Energetic Circuitry


Much work is being done at this present time on our New Energetic Field. Blue is still the colour for the Throat and Green and Pink still exist within the Heart, but all colours are changing and upgrading as we integrate and accommodate the Higher Levels available.  Our physical bodies are undergoing many changes to make way for the New Energetic Body, so it is wise to be gentle with yourself allowing your body to harmonize and adjust to the New.  The New System consists of eleven Chakras within the body and three on the outside. 

The New Integrated System is as follows;-


Chakra 1 - Earth Star -  We need to start below the feet which is the Earth Star Chakra.  It lies 12 inches below the feet and is the chakra that importantly keeps us grounded, connected to Earth and purposeful.  It resonates to a deep Copper colour and shines Teal on the outside.


Chakra 2  - Base  - Lies at the base of the spine, and will be resonating a Rose Red and a paler Rose for those of a spiritual nature.  Clear energy here is being given to organise the division of the old system and the New.


Chakra 3 - Sacral - Opaque energy is being given here to raise the vibration to Divine Purpose.  The Rose colour then becomes more Pink/Peach.  Orange is then introduced at the sacral, vibrant and Light.  As we resonate Higher we push up into the Solar Plexus with a Mimosa colour under the diaphragm. 


Chakra 4 - Solar Plexus - Peach now resonates at a Higher level as Yellow is introduced and produces Golden energy that resonates more with our Heart centre.  Gradients of Light are strobed or put in at this centre so we can dance with Life and be at one with Oneself, and at home with who we are.






Chakra 5 - Diaphragm  - Adjoining this centre and sitting just above the Solar Plexus is a New Centre.  It has always been there, sitting just under the Heart, the Diaphragm where we hold grief and anxiety.  This colour is Rose Gold and an emblem of our True Self, anxiety-free and this centre resonates with the deeper meaning of Life.


Chakra 6 – Heart Centre – As we enter now into the Heart Centre more Green is being introduced with the Golden energy, an Aquamarine tone is significant.  Lime Green is the first colour that you see and there are others - it is a complex colour scheme.  The Emerald Light is being placed in the Heart Centre producing a Green tone. White is then added to give a purifying action.  The Rose is introduced to more Pink as Magenta is added, then the deep Sapphire colouring which sits at the centre.  These complex mixtures of colour rapidly move together to create a space for the Heart area.


Chakra 7 - The Thymus – We now move up into the Thymus Centre which sits above the Heart.  It is the centre we relate to when we make decisions from the Heart, to encounter Trust in ourself and in our diligence and embrace Life.  Cochineal colouring is then introduced to this area, to learn to live with Light in the Soul, where self rejection is not an option.  The Soul needs to be independent and the Soul needs the True Self to be recognised.  It is the centre of immunity and rejection of the self is not necessary.  It injects true self worth and organization so the Soul can sustain the ability to shine and be loved for who they are.  The Thymus is part of the practical side of Life where we can say who we are and contribute our virtues without hiding ourselves away.


Chakra 8 - The Throat - The Throat does as it says, it speaks out with Truth with the Heart and Mind as it is the centre where we express our True Identity.  It controls our metabolic rate and voices our opinion.  Many sounds can be made with the Throat and amendments will be made as we progress and move forward in this transition and only the purest sounds are needed at this time.  Humbleness here at the Throat Centre is also a good virtue, as no sound is an appreciation of stillness and listening to the inner voice.




Chakra 9 - The Well of Dreams is another of the new chakras and sits at the back of the neck, positioned at the base of the skull.  It resonates with our Conscious Thought, being in alignment with the Divine.  Passing through the Well of Dreams are four colours, White, Gold, Black and Magenta to make a Magenta colouring.  This chakra sits in the occipital

area and opens to the Higher realms of thought, it is also known as the Alta Major Chakra is connected to Soul choice.


Chakra 10 – The Pineal The transient energy of the occipital then opens up into the Pineal Gland where two more colours are added, they integrate silently and move towards the Pineal with great clarity.  The Pineal then becomes Indigo where you can see hear and feel all things.  When this integration occurs it balances the Brain and Heart together.  Indigo is the colour of deep Midnight Blue and resonates Higher than Navy Blue.   Indigo comes into the system at the head and resonates more deeply inside the brow.


Chakra 11 - The Pituitary  As the new colours are added the Light produces a more brilliant Indigo Blue at the centre of the forehead where the Pituitary raises the vibration to the Crown Chakra and central nervous system.  The Brow Chakra consists of many colours as it passes through the Brain to the Crown, clarity is needed here if we are to do our work on the Earth and it is safe to be happy when the Pineal is open, it forges Light between the two centres and ignites a certain passion for altruistic work. 


Chakra 12 - The Crown as more Light is added we eventually come to the Crown Chakra where the Thousand Petalled Lotus resides.  Higher Spinning Light is added to this dimension as we open up to the Higher Realms where the akashic records can be accessed.  Dancing Light poured through this centre during meditation ignites the Heart Centre and other Chakras to a more integrated way of being and connects the Heart Centre to the Mind bringing passion for your adventures necessary for you reach your personal goals. 








Chakras Outside of the Body


 These are the centres of Excellence, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.   These Centres of Excellence are arranged in the Energy Field above and outside of the Brain; the Divine Male sits outside the left Brain and the Divine Feminine sits outside the right Brain.   They are both individual and carry a coding that brings great warmth to the Soul.  As they are accessed, they switch over side, the feminine running down the left side of our body and the masculine running down the right side of our body.  The Divine Male has all the needs of the Divine Male structure, the energy is strong, assertive in the correct way, abundant, kind with Supreme Beingness that is gentle, warm and friendly.


The Divine Female however is very different, Harmony integrates with the Divine Female, mild, womanly, and open hearted, meek, soft and compassionate in nature.  The Divine Feminine has an Open Mind and an Open Heart and she is altruistic on her own.  The Divine Male and Divine Female are part of us now and they integrate fully into our system.  The energies bathe each other and compliment one another.  Grounding these energies in the Emotional Body and the Soul, allows us to grow with Wisdom. 



Outside of this Field is the Merkabah

The Merkabah protects the field of Light around the body for us to be protected on our Journey and alter course if we need to.




















Extra Information for the Book and Course Work


 Pulses of Light form between the Heart Centre and the Thymus Gland, they create a balanced intrinsic Light that fluctuates slightly and the balanced Heart moves upwards and outwards so Light exchange can prevail any conditioning.  The Thymus raises the vibration to accommodate the fluctuation by raising the blueprint of the Thymus; it swells and creates harmonic balance in both centres.  This Gland is Greeny-Blue in colour, a beautiful Turquoise and as the Aquamarine flows up into the throat area where we see more Blue and advance to the Throat Chakra.



  After the Well of Dreams we connect to the Pineal, part of the Pineal is on a different level energetically, there are areas of Light around the Pineal that integrate with the Pituitary Gland.  Doctors have discovered the Pineal Gland glows and know there are more uses for these Glands which is less understood by conventional medicine.  This energetic level is called 'Inner Vision'.  It locks tight with the new colour system and filtrates back to the Pineal where a new intrinsic particle of Light adjusts the integration of the new energies.  This system is slightly above the Pituitary Gland which softens the colour to a Pale Gold colour as it transits to the Crown.  A bleed through of the colour of deep Aubergine connects the Pineal to the

 brain where Ultramarine and Ultra Violet are added to

 create a deep Midnight Blue Indigo.  Sleep patterning is part of the

Pineal Glands job, it regulates our sleeping hours.  When we are happy in our work and play, the Pineal operates at optimum level, shock-waves run through it when we are not.  The regulatory system of the Pineal is to be friendly and at home with ourselves, and ones choices in Life.  It is also about accepting that others might not take the same route.  Our choice have a reflection on our being and as we say ' I can sleep at night', becomes literal.  You have to be happy with the choices you make to remain centred and True.   The family of Light begin their work in this dimension.






The Rose Gold energy is an intrinsic part of the development of the Pineal – it bring assuredness and a move to pastures greener, where our Pineal can resonate more clearly.  The Rose Gold and White energy is fulfilling, the Friendliness Essence is a recognisable force of energy that lifts and dissolves past emotional imbalances.  Emotional Balance is important to the Pineal to bring down concrete information and put it into action.  Rose Gold connects you quickly to your Divine Purpose and Rose Gold and White activates the Heart Centre reducing confusion in the brain about argumentative behaviour, it breaks down the patterning of worth issues and combines new energy with Love and kindness and inhibition.  Adjustments are made to the Pineal to open more with quiet reflection to encompass clarity and the way forward so combining the two energies with White and

Gold, we can heal to all thing altruistic and accompany our Soul to tune to the correct vibration of Soul Choice.



Resonating higher is the Crown Chakra where we can access our akashic records, spinning Light is added to this dimension.  Speed allows a flow of

energy to enhance ones own personal status in the Field of Light.  Passion for your adventures is necessary to reach your personal goals.  The Higher Light of the Heart Chakra is connected to the Higher Chakras of our being as dancing Light is poured through the Crown Chakra to open up to the Higher Realms.  This energy ignites the Heart and other Chakras to a Higher more integrated way of being, it connects the Heart Centre to the Mind.



Deep colours of Rose are added to the Pineal so we can produce great work in our Life. 


The Lotus Flower sits above the Crown utilising energy from the Universe, it is where Heaven and Earth connect.  The Brain and the Universe interact together creating enormous wavelengths of balance to the system integrating Heart, Mind and Soul together and all altruistic work begins here, with the mind being clear and safe. 



 Voluminous Light enters through the Crown and White becomes a Golden Yellow with White in the centre; this again raises the vibration of the whole system.  This frequency integrates with the outside system where we become at One with our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and the vibration causes fluctuations in concepts. 



Divine Male Energy

Strength in Love is important and this male imprint shows in many people.  Non-aggression, aversion to warring, kind and with a deep connection to the Heart follows through with the male energy, to elevate our consciousness to be more altruistic, compassionate and understanding. 


Here the Emotional Body is open to suggestion, so the Pineal Gland also assists in reconnecting the emotional body to altruistic work.


Divine Female Energy

 The Divine Feminine is has an open mind, an open Heart and she is altruistic all on her own and anchoring 'Delight' with these energies lifts as well as expands, it is a gift on its own.



Our Higher Soul then deports itself into the realm of Glory where we are able to reside in the fifth dimension.



 It is now the centre that works with the gut and the spleen, also the metabolism.  The Diaphragm does everything to control our emotions and all is collected here.  When it stops we simply die in unison with our Soul, so development of this centre is very important.  Yogic practices are a must with this centre.  It is important to practice breathing techniques, prana, pranayama with this centre as it is the passage for breathing out the debris.

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