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This Symbol adjusts a light channel for free flow of abundance and worldly goods.  It adjusts a Light channel of free flow of energy for abundance and worldly goods.  The Light channel increases in length when our Hearts are open to receive. it brings self respect for ones own adventure.


Red Water Lily is a good Essence to take with this Symbol it redirects your energy in the correct way, to be grounded and wholesome and your needs to be met. This Essence is new and is only currently available with a handwritten label - please click here to place an order.



Abundance, Money & Worldly Goods

SKU: S056
  • To change and charge your energy and environment to the correct vibration:

    • With your left hand place your fingers on the symbol during meditation
    • Carry in your handbag
    • Carry on your person i.e. pocket
    • For your environment place under a vase of flowers
    • Place under a jug/glass of drinking water
    • Place under your pillow at night
    • Water resistant symbol
    • Actual card size: 8cm x 8cm
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