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This Symbol breaks addiction.  It is a magical remedy that disipates the chords that attatch the body to addiciton, cloudy areas are removed with this Symbol allowing new energies to move through and surge forward.  Addictive behaviour is not uncommon, it resonates with the lower energies.


When used with the purple Forgiveness Forgiving and Forgetting Symbol, it heals both the aura soma and the field of Light around the body.  Combining with the blue Forgiveness Anger in the Moment Symbol it ajusts the mind to rebalance.  It is beneficial to combine these Symbols with the Patel Rose Gold and White Essence 'Friendship' as this Essence is suportive and holds plenty of Light for being our own friend while we are making the adjustments.   The gold Forgiveness Symbol adusts the template thereafter to create a balanced and harmonious way of life.  Addiction takes hold unless we do something about it.






Addictive Behaviour

SKU: S044
  • To change and charge your energy and environment to the correct vibration:

    • With your left hand place your fingers on the symbol during meditation
    • Carry in your handbag
    • Carry on your person i.e. pocket
    • For your environment place under a vase of flowers
    • Place under a jug/glass of drinking water
    • Place under your pillow at night
    • Water resistant symbol
    • Actual card size: 8cm x 8cm
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