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Agate is a very soothing and calming stone. It facilitates acceptance of one’s self which in turn builds self-confidence. Agate crystals provide great strength, they are grounding stones bringing about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance.


In addition to the above attributes this particular crystal has the following specific healing properties

This cylindrical Agate point is for deep Inner Child healing. It brings brilliance of Light towards your inner wisdom and helps you negotiate your way through life. It allows you to purge your thought processes and trust that fun, play and enjoyment is the best way. It enables people to come together without comparison or judgment.

Agate Cylinder - Green

SKU: C001
    • Deep Inner Heart Centring Symbol
    • Completeness Symbol
    • 2 x drops Cottage Rose ‘Perfection’ Fields of Light Master Rose Essence
  • Size: Height 8cm / Width 3.5cm / Depth 3.5cm

    Weight: 178g

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