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Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment. It is also known as the Stone of Meditation. Its regal colour brings the energies of serenity and composure. Amethyst is powerful, protective and beneficial to the mind. It strengthens the intuition and refines the thought process. It is a talisman of focus and success.


In addition to the above attributes this particular crystal has the following specific healing properties

This crystal is to replenish your needs and look back with wisdom and take each day as it comes.

Amethyst Cluster

SKU: C028
    • Joy in the Heart Symbol
    • 2 x drops Silver & White 'Simplicity' Pastel Essence
    • Courage Symbol
    • Everlasting Peace Symbol
    • Harmony Symbol
    • Subtle Energy and Overseas Connections Symbol
    • 2 x drops Glamis Castle 'Innocence' Fields of Light Master Rose Essence Essence
    • Gentle Nurturing of the Heart Symbol
    • Creativity Symbol
    • 4 x drops Humbleness Essence ?
    • Head Quartz Crystal
  • Size: Height 6.5cm / Width 17cm / Depth 15cm

    Weight: 2312g

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