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Aquamarine is the stone of Courage. It has an energy of always being ‘prepared’. It reduces stress, quiets the mind and protects against pollutants. Aquamarine has a flowing quality of energy that brings tolerance when you feel swamped by responsibility. Its crystalline structure assists us with the higher levels of awareness and being of service to the world. It is said to also guard against injury.


In addition to the above attributes this particular crystal has the following specific healing properties

This Aquamarine crystal Heart brings peace and harmony and works with the high states of our being.

Aquamarine Silver Pendant

SKU: C011
    • Gratefulness Symbol
    • 2 x drops The Aspen ‘Faith’ Master Tree Essence
    • 2 x drops Golden Rose Essence
  • Size: Height 2cm / Width 2.25cm / Depth 0.75cm

    Weight: 6g

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