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This Symbol is about helping with preparation for the Future, it helps by organising us properly.


The Banyan Fig Essence helps with organising skills so they are helpful to use together. When used with the Colour Essence White and Gold 'Balance', it balances our Life with work and play.  Used with the Green Abundance Symbol it changes your prospects and used with the Peach Abundance Symbol it protects your Heart and assists with your creative endeavours and what you want to create in your Life.   with hte blue Forgiveness heat of the Moment Symbol it releases tiredness within the system and addresses the balance to work at your own speed,and with the Completeness Symbol and Heaven Scent Essence 'Moonshine' it assists with dizziness.


It is also for when we feel guilty and not ready to take the next step. It brings a passive and more easy mind and blends well with the Heart and throat chakra. When this Symbol is combined with the Harmonising the Way Forward Symbol it simplifies our Heart energy to make the right decision, where stiffness is abolished.



Career & Purpose, Spiralling from the Heart

SKU: S003
  • To change and charge your energy and environment to the correct vibration:

    • With your left hand place your fingers on the symbol during meditation
    • Carry in your handbag
    • Carry on your person i.e. pocket
    • For your environment place under a vase of flowers
    • Place under a jug/glass of drinking water
    • Place under your pillow at night
    • Water resistant symbol
    • Actual card size: 8cm x 8cm
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