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This Symbol earth's us to stay focused and create a balanced existence.  It is about acceping multiple abundance and helps us to co-create what we want within our lives.  It balances our system so happy memeories can be firmly placed assuring us that nothing is ever worth festering over and helps us to let go of the past so we can co-create more happy memories with playfulness and happiness.


It supports us with determination and changes our thought patterns to a direct vision of success, helping us to create a good quality of life.  It is good to use with the Divine Love Symbol as every Soul has a creative influence. Used with the Winning Team Symbol it allows the Light Body to fall through quickly. It also resurrects aches and pains.


This Symbol stabilises the immune system, It works together with the Blue Harmony Symbol which releases any tension in the Heart.  When they are both used with Fields of Light Master Rose Essence William Shakespeare 'Harmony Restored', they quickly address colds and flu.




SKU: S050
  • To change and charge your energy and environment to the correct vibration:

    • With your left hand place your fingers on the symbol during meditation
    • Carry in your handbag
    • Carry on your person i.e. pocket
    • For your environment place under a vase of flowers
    • Place under a jug/glass of drinking water
    • Place under your pillow at night
    • Water resistant symbol
    • Actual card size: 8cm x 8cm
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