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The Labradorite known as the ‘Temple of the Stars’ is the stone of the peace maker. It assists from detaching from the old and encourages new methods to attain one’s goals. Its luminescent energy provides refinement and discernment of direction. It enhances patience and the inner knowing of the right time; reducing any anxiety and stress you may be holding. Protecting the auric field it keeps the system clear and balanced aligning the subtle bodies to attract strength and perseverance.


In addition to the above attributes this particular crystal has the following specific healing properties

This Labradorite crystal travels through to the mind and being, dissembling any blockage of energy in order to become humble. It allows time and space for everything you need to do and want to do. It adjusts peace within the heart and helps you give time to yourself.


SKU: C010
    • Sincerity Symbol
    • Galactic Centre Energy and Purpose Symbol
    • 2 x drops The Willow ‘Unfoldment’ Master Tree Essence
  • Size: Height 8.5cm / Width 9cm / Depth 4.5cm

    Weight: 727g

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