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Colour Vibration: Pearlescence and White


This Essence brings people together and opens to opportunity. White purifies and enhances spiritual and emotional maturity, the soft frequency of Pearlescence uplifts perspective and observation to put thing right, bringing resolution. Together they work with the higher Wisdom of our Soul, to let go of any fear as you step forward to embrace new visions of success, clarity of mind, balancing your self-esteem. Rise to the Challenge enables you to think things through, ground new ideas and thought patterns, enabling you to speak freely and expel any information that is not beneficial, resolving any fear about stepping into new opportunities.

Pearlescence & White 'Rise to the Challenge'

SKU: 032
  • I now Trust my Heart-centre as I move forward and Rise to the Challenge. I renew my Trust and know that I create and all is co-creative around me.

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