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Petrified Wood is an ancient wood millions of years old that has turned to crystal stone. The two minerals involved with this activity are Agate and Quartz. Petrified Wood is a stone that eliminates worries, it helps you to change what you can and worry not about the rest. It is also known as a stone of transformation, to help you recognise the higher aspects of yourself. It provides strength and grounding in all areas of your life.


In addition to the above attributes this particular crystal has the following specific healing properties

This stone will encourage you to be a better person and not hide behind your wounds.

Petrified Wood

SKU: C024
    • 2 x drops Glamis Castle ‘Innocence’ Fields of Light Master Rose Essence
    • Silence and Meditation Symbol
    • 2 x drops The Yew ‘Meditation’ Master Tree Essence
    • Tranquillity Symbol
    • Courage Symbol
    • 2 x drops Hyde Hall ‘Trust’ Field of Light Master Rose Essence
    • Happy Thoughts Symbol
    • Rose Quartz Point
    • Karmic Absolution Symbol
    • 2 x drops Dainty Essence
    • Gold Sovereign Coin
    • 2 x drops The Banyan Tree ‘Fig’ Essence
    • 2 x drops Cottage Rose ‘Perfection’ Fields of Light Master Rose Essence
  • Size: Height 5.5cm / Width 11cm / Depth 9cm

    Weight: 1020g

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