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Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It is an excellent crystal for healing the emotional wounds; it gently reinstates the loving and gentle forces of self-love. It provides calmness and clarity to the emotions especially in times of chaos and crisis. It is called the stone of Gentle Love making one receptive to the beauty in all things.


In addition to the above attributes this particular crystal has the following specific healing properties

This crystal holds the Angel of Mercy energy. It’s for taking the time in your life to move through any transformation or growing pains that you may be experiencing. From young to old, we all experience shifts and changes and transformational energies in our lives. The Angel of Mercy settles and shifts you to knowing yourself better.

Rose Quartz Angel

SKU: C016
    • Harmony from the Heart Centre Symbol
    • 2 x drops William Shakespeare ‘Harmony Restored’ Field of Light Master Rose Essence
    • 2 x drops The Copper Beech ‘Service’ Master Tree Essence
  • Size: Height 8.25cm / Width 4cm / Depth 2.5cm

    Weight: 112g

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