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Symbols are a new 'Language of Light'....

Light and Colour has always been integrated within our being and when it is in the form of a Symbol it integrates more quickly. Symbols help people re-balance their energy fields. They channel Light intrinsically through each system to address certain qualities that we need for the future, they ground us and provide an energy shift in the right direction. Each Symbol is perfectly attuned, activated and resonates to energetically balance the Heart centre. They clear out all old cellular compounds of the negative belief systems and patterning, by assisting us to readjust to the new energy being introduced. In form they are able to work through the subtle bodies and subtle energy field, this is where energy divides and reconstructs itself before it is received in the physical dimension. The particular frequency and colour of Blue and Silver on the back of the Wings of Gold Symbols is a refined combination that integrates the fluidity of the Symbol into the energy field quickly and quietly.

Symbols are very useful and protective in a way that builds confidence, transiting us to the next stage. they offer a bridge of energy to take us to the next level and are compatible with all Earth's energies. Versatile and easy to use, each Symbol changes and charges your energy and environment to the correct vibration; simply pick or be guided to individual Symbols or a combination of Symbols and place anywhere in the home or work place, i.e. under a vase of flowers, under a jug of drinking water, or pop under your pillow to feel the benefits.


They are a valuable tool on their own, but particularly beneficial during meditation practice. When meditating they are best placed under the fingers of the left hand, enabling them to stream into your energy field for you to experience the full benefits of their qualities.

For ease of sourcing, we have placed our Wings of Gold Symbols into 8 categories. Some Symbols fall into several headings but as these Symbols have been given to us for the importance of Heart Centring, you will find the whole collection for your viewing within the category of "Heart Centring & Emotional Balance".

Sacred Symbols are equally as powerful and important as Essences.

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