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Mind essences

Master Tree Essence Range

Colour Essence Range

  • White & Gold ' Balance' - re-balances equilibrium and allows us to let go, it dismantles argumentative behaviour.

  • Magenta & Pink 'Peace of Mind' - brings peace to the whole being, it restructures the Mind and addresses appropriate thought patterning. It structures the mind for learning.

  • Magenta & White 'Relax and Enjoy' - imbues softness and coalesces energies to calm rage, brings caring and thoughtfulness.

  • Blue & Gold 'Clearing' - is the best energy to work with the nervous system. It removes stale energy and calms the nerves clearing the mind.

Higher Path To Prosperity Range

  • Truth In Your Heart - alters the mind to think from the Heart and go within, to trust your Heart knows best.

Sea Essence Range (Coming January 2019)

  • The Cuttlefish 'Each Day As It Comes' - teaches respect for each others decisions and releases malevolent behaviour and any traumatic experiences once held, bringing friendship tolerance and dignity.

  • The Seal - teaches patience and overcomes hot tempers and hostility to bring peace of mind.

Everyday Life Range (Coming January 2019)

  • Quietness of the Mind - Quietens and brings a more proportioned abundance mentality.

  • Meditation - Stills and quietens and co-creates a meditative state where protection is provided.  It brings the correct attunement to the higher realms.

Other Individual Essences (Coming January 2019)

  • The Banyan Fig Tree - is balancing, grounding and peaceful and allows you to be impartial, it overcomes pragmatism and to trust your knowledge comes from further within.

  • The Boab Tree - redistributes the energy here where Gold frequency is added and dissolves old tiresome behaviour that no longer fits. It steadies the Mind.​

New Symbols (Coming January 2019)

  • ​Indigo and Silver 'Practicality' Symbol - brings discernment and practicality.

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