The beauty of crystals within your home or work place are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but their energies are so powerful that they are able to exude their healing qualities outwards into your environment. They dissipate, recharge, uplift, rejuvenate and enhance all qualities of life whilst complimenting your own personal energy field. 

Crystals Love to be Loved

We encourage you to hold or touch your crystals regularly to connect with them. This could be done whilst watching your favourite programme or even reading a book. Tip: It's a good idea during mediation to hold a crystal in your left hand; you will feel its energy flow into your body re-balancing and calming the mind.

​Crystals have always been admired for their beauty - whether it be for their colour, form or healing qualities, they are as popular now as they were in the ancient cultures. When you engage in looking at Crystals you will often feel drawn to one that you need as each has its own unique property, quality, frequency, colour, shape and vibration. 

Below is a beautiful collection of unique pocket to medium sized crystals
for purchase. Each piece has been personally and particularly chosen
for its high vibration and healing properties. Crystals can be readily bought in many places but the crystals that Wings of Gold choose are
of high quality and are imbued with Essences, colours and appropriate symbols to enhance their healing service.

If the crystal you want is no longer available please email us stating your interest and we will source similar pieces for your requirements. We will then give you a 24 hour preview of these crystals before making them readily available online.

Large crystals or ‘statement pieces’ can be sourced on request. Email us giving us a guide of your requirements i.e. type, healing properties, for home, office, etc. Or let us know your reasons for wanting a crystal and allow us to choose the most appropriate one for you.